Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend+boy= great time

We had a great time, best in a long time.
I left work early Friday. Saturday was my filling but I didnt even need the numbing stuff, he just ground down the tooth and squirted this stuff in and done. It took like 10 minutes, seriously.
He went out with a friend Sat afternoon and we watched the race Sat eve.
Sun up bright and early in the car for almost 2 hours. Christmas in the Woods was great. It was hot like 80's. It was busy but I didnt get nuts. I think it was because the first thing we bought was a bracelet for me for X-mas. I get to wear it up until a wk before the holidays so I am really happy.Yep its even handmade. The gentleman was making them right there in front of us. This was the only one he had of this style and It was hiding in a bag. Love it. I have the website of the guy that made it and you can order online. We spent a few hours there and got some shopping done.
We went the "scenic" route home and ended up at Mike's Place in Kent OH. Google it if your interested but all I should have to say is that there was an X wing fighter parked outside in the parking lot. SERIOUSLY. Awesome food and phenom atmosphere. If we ever get married were having everyone there to eat dinner, you can reserve the bus for groups. Google it.
Bought some fabric on the way home Friday for 2 orders, one for my boss her new nephew Browns theme and a coworker wanted a second fuzzy blanket for his little girl for x-mas.
front all fuzzy fabric so when Im done it will look like I killed a muppet in my room.
Short week this week. Mike leaves on Thurs morning to go to MD to see his son for the weekend. He;ll be back Sunday eve. Ah sweet bliss. So I;m taking Friday off and may decide to go to Amish country for the day. D-crazy mentioned CHEESE today and all of a sudden I need it. We'll see what happens between now and then.


HollyLynne said...

great bracelet!!!

you're near kent? my mom grew up in stow . . . .

also, damn you and your cheese suggestion! ;)

(ps: thanks for entering my contest!)

Beans said...

I thought the cheese was a good idea. Were about 30 min east of Cleveland. Town is Mentor. She may have heard of it.
Earrings are great sorry I posted 2x.