Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Geez enough already

ok I must be in some evil time warp. Its wednesday night, I have not gotten anything done and here i am worried about keeping this damn blog going. NO ONE READS THIS I SHOULDNT CARE!

Friday, August 22, 2008


Where did this week go. Seriously. I cant remember a thing I did. Kindof nice for a change. I am going to be working on bags. Big small whatever. I handed out biz cards to all the girls at work and hopefully we can start the word of mouth machine going. I was thinking of maybe posting flyers with the website on it at our local coffee houses, libraries, etc. I dropped one off at the salon where I used to get my hair done. Its been a while since I have been there.
I was debating to go to the local fundraiser for our humane society. I think we will. Morgan is getting a bit older but she loves her walks and is good with other dogs. They call it the Mutt Strut and they hold it at one of our local parks Pennitentiary Glenn. Well its more than a park really its (I dont know yet how to do those neat link things yet). I think the bags can wait.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Whew That was fun.

hank goodness its over. Dont get me wrong I LOVED the festival and it was a great learning experience but I am really glad that now all I need to do is focus on the Etsy shop. Plus when BFF came into town we got some pix uploaded and we will be able to include the jewelry and a couple bags. All the sites say to post a little every day and you will get more hits. So I will be adding a necklace and bracelet every other day or so and one or two headbands a day. I have joined a couple webrings which hopefully will get our name and this blog out there and I joined Luna craft. So the next couple days will be learning how to use those to the best of my ability. Oh and I have to get some samples to my hair dresser so she can promote us as well.
The craft gods did bless me this weekend. At a previous local festival I happened upon an upholstry shop. I stopped and talked to the owner and showed him the bags I make out of old sample books. I gave him my name and # and asked the next time he was going to get rid of his books to give me a call and I would take them off his hands. He called last week and I went to pick up my goodies Saturday morning. HOLY CRAP 34 books, 30 f-ing 4.
So I feel that the gods are telling me to make bags. So since I have a plethera of headbands I figure a few bags wont hurt. But I am going to focus on building up the shop and getting that off the ground and do the bags when I get the time. Wish me luck.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Good news bad news

Ok so good news is that the "festival" went great. I forgot the camera so nothing to post but this week I will remember it. I sold 7 headbands and made enough to cover my booth rental for both Fridays aka $40. Not bad for a virgin. I made sure that I had a biz card attached to each one and for those customers that "didn't bring any cash" I made sure I gave them one as well and pushed them towards the shop. This week I hope to have some more made up to bring along. I am learning what sells is what the kiddies want. So I dug out some old Disney fabric scraps and made up some with that. Whatever doesnt sell this Friday will be up on Etsy a few a day until they are all done. No sales on the shop but I only have 8 bands listed and I am not expecting much until after this weekend.
OK so bad news is our back yard has officially become the headquarters of mudwrestling annonomus. No seriously. We created a mess to fix a mess. How does that make sence? But after about 1500$ were pretty done with the drainage around the house. And we were lucky enough to get rain on Sunday just to make sure we got to test it out. The only thing left is to level it all out in the back and get some seed so we can hopefully get grass in before winter but I'm not holding my breath on that one. I wonder if there is a market for frozen mud wrestling. Rednecks will try anything once. Trust me.
So that was the vacation/weekend.
I am really excited to see the bestest friend this weekend. She has all kinds of goodies that she is working on bags, bookmarks jewelry. I am so glad were doing this. We havent been this close since college and I really look forward to our monthly pow wows. I have some fun things planned including but not limited to....Indian restaurant, a visit to THE most awesomest soap etc place on earth ( maybe a picnik at the beach to look for some more sea glass and hmmmm well thats none of your business.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And their off.....
(Copy the link into your browser it gives you an error if you dont and you know how we hate errors)
Check it out, NOW.
Thank you for your support.
2 days till Lawnfield. 25 adult and 25 child headbands check, setup check, etc check.
I should have those business cards in my hot little hands tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The countdown begins

Friday I have to be at Garfield's home (not the cat the president) at 2:30 to start setting up for the festival. Mike and I threw together a display table with 2 sawhorses, 2 folding doors and some empty fabric bolts. Sounds redneck but I spent $40 on the damn tent. And it looks nice surprisingly enough. I stopped into our local discount store and found a board with little plastic letters that I can use as a sign and for prices.
I also am adding some wristlet's into the mix. All the fabric was free and I only spent like 20 cents per zipper so thats as close to pure profit I am ever gonna see.

The business cards should be here tomorrow so tomorrow night I will be putting tags on everything. Then I have to upload pix onto the store so that (hopefully) when I sell things they will go to the shop and buy more wonderful things. Then I have to get envelopes to mail them and figure out how to print shipping labels of my computer. Oh and did I mention that this Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday were supposed to be digging out around the house and installing drainage pipe. Yeah good luck with all that. I hear you. Thats all right because next weekend the bestest friend is coming and she will be going with me and hawking some of her fine jewelry as well.
In the meantime I was thinking it would be great to come back as a dog.
An Appalachian Love Hound that is......