Friday, August 22, 2008


Where did this week go. Seriously. I cant remember a thing I did. Kindof nice for a change. I am going to be working on bags. Big small whatever. I handed out biz cards to all the girls at work and hopefully we can start the word of mouth machine going. I was thinking of maybe posting flyers with the website on it at our local coffee houses, libraries, etc. I dropped one off at the salon where I used to get my hair done. Its been a while since I have been there.
I was debating to go to the local fundraiser for our humane society. I think we will. Morgan is getting a bit older but she loves her walks and is good with other dogs. They call it the Mutt Strut and they hold it at one of our local parks Pennitentiary Glenn. Well its more than a park really its (I dont know yet how to do those neat link things yet). I think the bags can wait.

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