Friday, October 31, 2008


Tell me what you think.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

One more thing to add to the mix

I was thinking. No its ok really I'm fine thanks.
I saw these really cool Fabric Post Cards on Quilt Pixie's site and thought to myself. Self, yes. Why dont I try something like that? I dont know. They are small 4x6 and the creative possibilities are endless. I especially like the fact that I could make a whole bunch of different ones and send them out to my family as holiday cards. There is also a little girl I know who is having a birthday soon. So I think I will try her's first. She is one of my favorite guinnea pigs, she got my first wristlet too. That is the plan for this weekend. And if things go well I will be organizing a swap. So stay tuned.
I started quilting mom and dad's quilt. I decided to do the quilt method where you quilt one block at a time and then join all the parts together. It seems to work great for this example.
Sorry if the picture of the stippling is a bit off I am still tying to get the hang of this camera.
Oh and yesterday, before we went to see RAIN (more later) I got done piecing some of D-crazy's quilt. I am also taking pix as I go so when its done I will post it as a tutorial. I have 19 of these buggers running around my room now.
RAIN was AWESOME!! Even if you dont care about or for the Beatles one way or another It is one hell of a great time. Best part was When my Guitar gently Weeps. Wow. I'll be honest I cried when they did Imagine. Best 100$ I have spent in a mighty long time.
Mom is coming into town on Monday so I have to get some work done this weekend to show her and my Aunt. The sale of their house is final too. So good news and vibes all around. All the goodness had to be balanced out. At 6:00 pm est not more then .25 miles away John McCain stopped and made an "appearance" at Mentor High School. (so what if I am giving where I live away) I about rushed home and put on my Nader t-shirt and paid him a visit. But nope. I will be making my political statement at work tomorrow. Since it is Halloween I will wear the Nader t-shirt to work. Nuff said. I am taking bets on how long I will be there before they ask me to change or go home. Anyone?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tiz the season.

The Great Pumpkin

I dont know about you but when I was a kid this was a tradition. Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. There was also another one that some never heard of, Raggedy Ann and Andy were in one with the Glum Pumpkin. You never see that on anymore though. Funny how something like that can come back year after year and still seem current, except for the animation. God could you imagine if they had CGI back then?
Anyway weekend was normal. Week so far has been ok.
Tomorrow Mike and I are going downtown to see RAIN. Hope its fun.
Only thing really interesting is the weather, this time of year is great snow and freezing rain one day and then 60"s the next. Just pick a season and stick with it already.
You blockhead what a fool i was!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The NERVE...

Just when I thought they were going to leave me alone to my personal devises. I get home today to find my Nader yard sign gone.
1st thought: Wind, but noone else lost their signs and we made sure to put it in like 3 inches.
2nd thought: Boyfriend may have moved it to mow the grass. Grass was not mowed.
3rd thought: Maybe it was the wind and I could find it. Nope. The wire part was gone too so it damn sure wasnt the wind.
Funny thing was that on the way down my street I saw numerous NEW signs for another candidate that had mysteriously popped up in people yards. Im not saying whose. So my first thought was to call the local news reporter that writes fluff pieces on people that are always getting screwed by someone else but he would think i was out of my mind.
Next idea order another sign. NOVEL idea at 5$ a piece they're a steal on the website. Shipping on the other hand was almost 11.00. 16$ for a sign was a bit outrageous. Wait I could order a bunch and put the whole mess of them in the yard that would show them. I did get an anniversary bonus at work for my 5 yr anniversary. Peter B would be so proud of me. I dont think Mike would go for that though.
Next, I did order a t-shirt along w. my sign and bumper sticker. I could make a SCARECROW!!!
There are a ton of leaves in the front yard. I could make it like a blood bath with other scarecrows representing the other candidates. HMMMMMMMM.
It just sucks thats all.
I really hope it was the wind.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ok I can take a hint

Ok so I took some cues from good old mother nature and finally listed d-crazy's awesome scarf that she left here over the summer. I made sure I took it out for a test drive first and have decided to give the scarf thing a try. I will make ONLY a few to start not like the madness that was the headbands but a couple nice ones and we will see how that goes. If not so well at least I can get some use out of them over the next few months. Here is the one I listed.
I also have the idea of making a couple of scarfs this style just to see. They are actually made out of that fleece you see at the stores all over the place now. I would like to avoid having to go out and get more fabric right now so I think I will use some of the cotton I had hanging around for bands and give it a shot. I will let you know. Oh and the boss LOVED the Browns quilt. Just need to finish 2 more and then I can actually quilt them all. Goal is to start quilting no later than Thanksgiving. That way most will be done by the holiday. Hand binding will take some time though.

Monday, October 20, 2008

D-crazy part deux

So i decided on plain unbleached muslin for the block corners. Nice plain simple. Good way to offset the busy fabric and blocks. Here is the first try. Not all will be like this in fact I hope that each block will be completely different.
Coolest part is I can rotate them and get totally different looks. I can even set them on point. What that means for you non-quilters is that i wont line them up in your traditional rows. More like on diagonals. Like I did for the Baby quilt for the boss's new nephew.

Thats about it for now. I have a cough that has within the past few hours turned into a terrible sore throat. I dont want to drink coffee or tea. Ice cream didnt help. Maybe some warm jello. I finally found something to do with all my leftover salvages too. I am such a quilting nerd.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

D-crazy part 1

This is the fabric line I am using for D-crazy's quilt.

I saw the patterns and colors and thought of her immediately. Dont know why but I think they are earthy and thats why. Blue sky, green grass and brown dirt.
As far as the pattern. I cant find an exact example of it online but its called (appropriately) spiderweb. She picked it out of the greatest quilt book I have ever found. Its called Block Party by Marsha McCloskey. If your a quilter and dont have this book get it. Its well worth it for beginners and experienced quilters alike.
The only issue I am having is that I need another fabric for the corner setting blocks. I dont want to use any of the fabrics I used already so Im on a search for a dirty white or cream. The 4 large scale prints in the top row will be used for the backing.

Special Announcement

One of the blogs I follow... Has accepted one of my submissions for the month of November. The theme for Nov is RECYCLED. I am featuring the wristlets I make from the old fabric samples I got from my local fabric reupholster'er
It will be posted on their blog 11/3 so check it out maybe I should make up some more to post just in case.
On to the trouble I have gotten into....
Monster cookies baked, chex mix, chili, veal scallopini and rice and wine for dinner tonight, an awesome barley casserole using barley and lipton soup mix, D-crazy's quilt is all cut out, vacuming, grocery shopping, fish tank and cat box. I even had time for a quick nap before I started dinner. Tomorrow Mike comes home so I will finish the laundry and that should be it. Maybe I should take a shower before he gets home. Yep that would be a really good idea.
It was cold last night so I had a fire in the fire place. Nice. toasty.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

All alone

Now what kind of trouble can I get into.
Not much.
Barrett Jackson is on Speed tonight and if you always wondered what the big deal with old cars is this is the perfect introduction. Tonight tomorrow and saturday.
Tonight I designated as veg out night. Chipolte, diet Coke, and pierre's peanut butter cup ice cream. Tomorrow i am making a point to start D-crazy's quilt. Dont say anything but I already cut out some pieces and ooooohhhh its gonna be good. Only thing is she reads this so do I post the progress or do I keep it a surprise. What do you think?
I have been slacking w. the shop and I have some headbands that need finished. So those are on the list as well. We shall see what develops. I have planned a sleepover in the living room with the kids. We do this when "dad" leaves. Something about sleeping in the bed alone bothers me. It shouldnt as its the only time i get more than 12 inches to sleep on but im weird like that.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

frickin fruck feckin frak frickety F$%K

My awesome etsy hat that matched my awesome fingerless gloves. It was the coolest thing I ever had in a hat and I have had many and now its the size of a large beanie. I tried rewetting it and stretching it out but it keeps shrinking up again. WHY BECAUSE ITS WOOL. Hes alergic to wool and should not have been within 5 feet of the hat. Now its just one big heavy wet round tard when it used to be a hat. I convo'd the gal who made it in hopes she had more yarn to make me a new one. Pray for me.
Oh and he left the freezer open AGAIN last night before he came to bed. So it was open and running all night while we were up snug in our bed.
Sometimes I just want to kick the living shit out of him. He doesnt do stuff on purpose but i swear how many times must you tell some one to close the freezer door before they get it. Oh and the best part is, when I confronted him about the hat he mildly said "Well I guess the laundry is yours to do now" I DO IT ANYWAY!!!!!!AAAAGGGHHHH He is leaving town this weekend and I have plans to get a bunch of shit together and take a trip to the DUMP. Maybe that will teach him. Or next time ill just stick his head in the freezer and slam the door a couple times. Kindof like rubbing your dogs face in its poo so it wont go in the house. Maybe he will get that concept.

OOOOOHHHHHHH great idea may steal it.
Quilt give away. Love the colors and design. And it would be awesome to have now that fall is coming. Check it out!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend+boy= great time

We had a great time, best in a long time.
I left work early Friday. Saturday was my filling but I didnt even need the numbing stuff, he just ground down the tooth and squirted this stuff in and done. It took like 10 minutes, seriously.
He went out with a friend Sat afternoon and we watched the race Sat eve.
Sun up bright and early in the car for almost 2 hours. Christmas in the Woods was great. It was hot like 80's. It was busy but I didnt get nuts. I think it was because the first thing we bought was a bracelet for me for X-mas. I get to wear it up until a wk before the holidays so I am really happy.Yep its even handmade. The gentleman was making them right there in front of us. This was the only one he had of this style and It was hiding in a bag. Love it. I have the website of the guy that made it and you can order online. We spent a few hours there and got some shopping done.
We went the "scenic" route home and ended up at Mike's Place in Kent OH. Google it if your interested but all I should have to say is that there was an X wing fighter parked outside in the parking lot. SERIOUSLY. Awesome food and phenom atmosphere. If we ever get married were having everyone there to eat dinner, you can reserve the bus for groups. Google it.
Bought some fabric on the way home Friday for 2 orders, one for my boss her new nephew Browns theme and a coworker wanted a second fuzzy blanket for his little girl for x-mas.
front all fuzzy fabric so when Im done it will look like I killed a muppet in my room.
Short week this week. Mike leaves on Thurs morning to go to MD to see his son for the weekend. He;ll be back Sunday eve. Ah sweet bliss. So I;m taking Friday off and may decide to go to Amish country for the day. D-crazy mentioned CHEESE today and all of a sudden I need it. We'll see what happens between now and then.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Old skool

So I said I found some old pix of some quilts I made way back when. And what better to do during the rain delay in Charlotte then post pix on my blog.
The pix are older so they may not be the greatest.
this was my very first quilt. I still have it. I did this when I lived in GA so maybe 7 yrs ago?

This one I made for Mikes grandfather. He was a Marine and his birthday falls on flag day.

Here is one I made for my brother for a present one year for christmas i think

Thats all for now. Rain stopped race is back on. I have my first filling tomorrow morning so that should be fun and then tomorrow night is quality time with Mike, aka watching the race together. And Suday were going to this Christmas in the woods thing. I will try to remember to take the picture machine.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Grrrrrr part 2

I hate being a girl. The biggest reason is because I get all the crappy stuff, you know what Im talking about but I am never girly. I dont like shoe shopping or shopping in general. I HATE dresses and skirts unless they're hippie skirts. I like good smelling soap and candles thats about it.
Im only complaining because im dealing with some of the crappyness right now.
Good news mom and dads squares are put together they just need stitched.
I will take some photos I also decided that this will be the quilt I enter in this years quilt show. Last year was my first year and I made this....

Here are some of the squares for mom and dads:

and Mikes this one has been done for a while it just needs quilted....

I finally found some of the old pix of my earlier quilts so I will be posting those in the future.

Friday, October 3, 2008

This is my JOB....

There is a new Allstate commercial out. If you haven't seen it the ad shows a court room scene where the judge imposes a judgment on a young man (the defendant) in the amount of $100,000 after an auto collision. The defendant's attorney turns to the injured person's (plaintiff) attorney to explain that the defendant has only $50,000 in insurance. The plaintiff's attorney replies that the defendant has a college fund that can be used to pay the balance of the judgment, and concerned parents ask their attorney - "can they do that?" The defendants attorney replies that they can.
I am the one that hired the Plaintiffs atty in fact he works for me. The Plaintiff is usually just there to testify and is our insured. The defendants atty is hired by the other insurance co to defend their insured. YES we can do that and will if you don't have enough insurance. Trust me I do it almost every day.

So not Buddha

Ok I have my parents in town and Mike's Uncle etc from WI are coming in for his grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. His mom and dad who happen to live right next store(we will not get into how wonderful that is) are hosting a party for everyone. What does all this mean....People that I dont know will be coming into my house. Ok its not technically mine but close enough. Issues I have with this....They have money, alot of money, a realllllllly lot of money. And we dont. The house we live in has been and will continue to be "under renovation" until I can save up enough money to buy my own home and move. I have never been so worried about how someone will perseve me then when the come to the house. Honestly I am embarassed to have people here. D-crazy I was scared to death the first time she came up, but I know her and no matter what she would never say anything. But all that is going through my head right now is "what are they going to think of all this?" Now my mother was a freak before she went on meds and would spaz out anytime anyone would even mention the fact that they may stop by for a visit. It goes way deeper then that but we wont get into that here. And she had an actual home, not a construction site. Plus Mike will not get rid of anything. Seriously. The weird thing is that for the first time since we started dating 4 yrs ago he is actually twitchy too. I think he may be feeling a little of what I am going through. How can I tell....He straighted up his room. ALOT> its organized and clean. F*%k the rest of the house, I just got done taking care of all that. I look at it and think 2 things, why the hell didnt he clean the living room instead and why am I so upset with this whole thing. I have tried so hard to shake the mantra of "keeping up with the Jones's" but at times I just cant. So I have the whole weekend to worry and freak out about what these people that I have never met may or may not think about me. Repeating through my head, you probably wont ever see them again so what does it matter what they think anyway. OOOOHHHHHMMMMM.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Got my swap fabric

I joined in a fabric swap on Quilt Pixie's site. I got my box today. THANK YOU THANK YOU!
I love these because you can usually get rid of some things that you wont use and give it to someone who will. The fabric scraps I received were so inspiring i have set up a personal project using them. Yes a scrap quilt for MOI. The great thing about scrap quilts is that anything goes. I need to let go a bit. I have become a bit too organized with some parts of my life. So once D-crazy's birthday quilt from MAY is done and my mom and dad's xmas one is done and all the quilting and binding is done I am making myself a birthday scrap quilt. My bday is 1/4 and I will be 32 this year. I will give myself a year to get it done, hopefully it wont take nearly that long but there were some projects that got put on the back burner. A quilt in sage and pink, mike's batik and a couple others. Plus i have been slacking on the shop. I have a few more headbands but now that winter is coming i think i should make some more bags. OH and I got my drill bits for my lake glass.
My boss loved her mantle scarf and pillow. I want to see if she will take a picture of them for me, if so I will post them. Oh forgot that other baby quilt too. Off to read for a bit then up to bed.