Thursday, July 31, 2008

Headband Hernia

Ok so I got a little burnt out today. Power and phones went out at work so I ended up working from home for half the day. Great for people that have air. Not so great if you don't. We have a window unit in the living room but it uses so much energy I just suffer through it and tell Mike that I turned it off once it cooled off outside. I do the bills anyway not like he's gonna know.
But I digress. I got bored with the headbands today. I have about 50 totally done about 25 each adult and kids. Done as in finished, completely, ready to go. So I thought I could either spend the rest of my time watching tv which I honestly havent done for about a week. Yeah maybe a 1/2 hour when he gets home but that doesnt count cuz Im half asleep anyway. Option 2 was read that damned book bestest friend lent me. Ive been doing that everynight and have about 1/4 of it done. Or Option 3 try something new.

Option 3 won. I figured because Little E made me such a special bag that I should return the favor. Plus I have been dying to try out this wristlet pattern I found. Now I couldnt find the right size zipper and all i had handy was one from a long forgotten something that I gave up on. So its a bit smaller than it normally would be but
I think she may like it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thats what little girls are made of....

As promised pix of the bag that was made just for me by one amazingly special little girl.
The red guy on the right is Clifford the big red dog and his trusty sidekick whats her name.
The little blue guy on the right i think was John. You cant see it in the pix but she wrote a J right by his face. Kids just baffle me.

I went to bed early and stayed up till 11:30 reading that damn book. Thanks
Got the first proofs of our "Brand Image" made some tweeks and should have the final product by end of week. off to make some headbands

Monday, July 28, 2008

What a wonderful world

Oh boy where to start
#1 first and foremost the Etsy shop is up we have a small child slave putting together the banner avatars etc as we speak.
It is Moiraandalice and we will be selling lovely jewelry, bags of all sorts, and headbands.
Best friend had masses successfully removed from lady hump.
I discovered that I heart Indian food. I didnt get any today and i think im exhibiting withdraw symptoms. Damn you friend for getting your boob cut open and getting all the good drugs as a reward.
Everything is right in the world.
While I was at pre mentioned best friends house I was made a wonderful gift.
Little E (aka best friends spawn not Dale Jr) made me the most awesomest bag ever. I would post pix but the camera mysteriously grew legs and ran away. I will do that as soon as I coax it out with some fresh batteries.
I am pretty tired though. Being around such a wonderful and loving family can tire us poor single folk out. So I am taking the book bestest friend gave me to read and hoping into bed early tonight after a long hot bath I think.
So pix tomorrow and more info on the shop.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some where over the rainbow.....

Coolest thing happened to me today.
On the way home all of a sudden it started to pour, then the sun came out behind me. Water and sun=rainbow. Weird thing was the spray that was coming up from my hood refracted the light so it actually looked like the rainbow started on my hood and went up into the sky. Told you pretty cool. I think I should see if my engine turned into gold.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Stand by your man is ringing in my ears. No I'm not that much of a redneck. My boy did something not so genius today. He left the freezer open. In 80 degree weather (we don't have air). For 5 hours.
So when I got home from work and stopping to get his groceries that he requested so nicely that I get, I was not so pleased. That my friends is when you know its love. On your knees cleaning up melted Popsicle from the bottom of the freezer. All the while thinking that if he just would have eaten the damn Popsicle when he MADE me buy them from the store 8 months ago we wouldnt be in this position. All I can say is thank GOD for perscription happy pills. Ok enough personal stuff no more venting. I am heading upstairs to the sew cave. Holy headbands batman!
PS I got my "booth assignment" in the mail. #31 just for grins i looked 31 up. Wikipedia had year 31 as the year jesus was crucified. (great) There are 31 letters in the Russian alphabet. It is a Mersenne Prime (look it up), and Gallium is the element with atomic number 31. Not to mention ITS 13 BACKWARDS!!!! That makes up for the 4 leaf clover I found the other day. ah vell

Monday, July 21, 2008


Ok I am a real loser. There was no Sprint cup race on this weekend and due to that my weekend routine went all to s**t. I rely on Nascar to plan my weekend. Good god.
I did get a chance to go to a really nice street festival and farmers market early Sat. MMMMM Amish fry pies are heaven warm with ice cream. Didnt really see anything we liked that we could afford but there were a ton of purse vendors and jewelry hockers. I dont really like purses but I may end up cranking some out. Here is a pic of one I did a few months back. I may throw some together for the festival just to see.

Going to see Domesticrazy and the clan this weekend. Its hard to believe we have known each other now 10yrs. I cant imagine how my life wouldve turned out if I didnt meet her. Thanks dude. So we will be working on setting up the shop, playing with all kinds of crazy crafty things, and just enjoying the fact that were friends. So I will take the camera this time and see if I can get some cool pix. Ok my Nascar show is on need the fix. Talk to you later.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Screaming like a teenage girl....

Just got the email from the festival coordinator, and i quote, "The hair bands will be a great addition to the market. I don't have anything specifically like them." aka no competition. So these are the last pix i will post for a while. I have decided to make each one different. One of the gals at work wore one of her's today. I was so proud of myself. She even said someone asked her about it. She loves the fact that they are reversable and switched it halfway through the day. I cant wait to see how the festival goes. I always like to have a back up plan and if things dont go well I have the shop Alice and I are starting up. Here are the pix. Heading to my room, after a bowl of ice cream that is.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ok maybe this was a bad idea

Ok This is getting to be too much fun. I spent all day in my sew cave and have about 50 of the headbands cut out ready to sew. I have decided to make 2 sizes screw people with little heads. However I will be trying to figure out a generic child size. If anyone out there has a wee child measure their head and let me know. I think i could probably google it but this makes it more interactive. Not like anybody is reading this though. Anyway I have 50 more where these came from and more likely to be cut up this week. Nex weekend will be the sewing and hopefully my machine wont explode.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


ok here is my second try at the headband thing.

I made this one a bit smaller in length and width. This one fits me better (size wise that is) I used Pink so that if I goofed it up i wouldnt be mad that i wasted fabric. SO looks like were going to have 3 sizes sm kids, medium (my size) and lg (for girls with really big heads or just lots o' hair). I also broke down an bought a sewing machine. Now dont get me wrong the 2 I have are great but I wanted something with a stitch so i dont have to hand applique a quilt I am making. SO i broke down and bought a Singer. Yes they are good machines however they are made in CHINA. Now I didnt open it for 5 days because I wanted to take it back. When loving boyfriend said, "Look at it this way....The stuff your going to make with that is made here which means people wont have to go to the store and buy the one that are made in China. So technically your screwing them even worse by using their own product against them." I love my boyfriend he has a way of giving me excuses to do things, sometimes even good things. So I opened it today made this and look at the fancy stitches. OOOHHHH AAAAHHHH. One more thing. I have reserved a booth at a local outside "festival" for 2 weekends in August where I hope to sell a bunch of these puppies. Only 20$ for each day. I blow 40 bucks on useless trinkets a month anyway. So back to my sewcave and I hope to have more pix up soon. Tell me what you think!

PS if there is a best friend who would like to come for a visit one of those weekends to help me I would love her forever and send her back with all the ones I didnt sell to put up on her upcoming Etsy store. Hint hint nudge nudge.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mama likie......

Ok I made a decision not to cut my hair. Now the last time I had my hair longer than 2 inches was back in HIGH SCHOOL. I wont even mention how long ago that was. But the stars have aligned and are working in my favor. I found an awesome pattern for headbands. So with the new pattern and my abundance of fabric I have decided to make alot of them and either do the craft show circut or start my own etsy store. I was also thinking of making those masks you wear when you sleep too so we shall see. I took one into work to get the girlie girls opinion and walked away with 8 orders. So the first ones will be my walking advertizments at work and if all goes well maybe I can do the Etsy thing too.
I am a very crafty person but I focus my efforts on quilting. I love it. It is my way of escaping from the rest of the world and its problems and create something one of a kind. My quilts are labors of love and have been received by many family and friends. I am currently working on 7 different quilts, all of which are at different levels of completion and are scheduled to be done by X-mas. (Buddha willing) I am an active member of my local quilt guild and taught my first quilting class last Saturday. We made a sewing machine cover. The goal is to one day have my own shop and long arm business. Thats a dream that hasnt waivered over the past few years.
Here are some pix of the headbands and my quilt room.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Here we goooooooo

Ok after realizing that I must be the only person in the universe that does NOT have a blog, I am making the attempt. Futile and assanine as it may be it still is an attempt. So what do I hope to accomplish by this. Well over the past few months I have discovered that I can share things with millions of other people by just putting them in this thing so I hope to share with all of you or just the one of me, what I find and think is cool. Whether that be a website, music, pix or projects, I just want to share the love.
So I will start by posting a picture of my pride and joy MY BOOOOO dog and her dad. I hope I do this right. More to come hopefully.