Monday, July 28, 2008

What a wonderful world

Oh boy where to start
#1 first and foremost the Etsy shop is up we have a small child slave putting together the banner avatars etc as we speak.
It is Moiraandalice and we will be selling lovely jewelry, bags of all sorts, and headbands.
Best friend had masses successfully removed from lady hump.
I discovered that I heart Indian food. I didnt get any today and i think im exhibiting withdraw symptoms. Damn you friend for getting your boob cut open and getting all the good drugs as a reward.
Everything is right in the world.
While I was at pre mentioned best friends house I was made a wonderful gift.
Little E (aka best friends spawn not Dale Jr) made me the most awesomest bag ever. I would post pix but the camera mysteriously grew legs and ran away. I will do that as soon as I coax it out with some fresh batteries.
I am pretty tired though. Being around such a wonderful and loving family can tire us poor single folk out. So I am taking the book bestest friend gave me to read and hoping into bed early tonight after a long hot bath I think.
So pix tomorrow and more info on the shop.

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Domesticrazy said...

Had so much fun! Please post the bag pix, I want to show them off!

Boob hurts like a mother today, by the way. Thanks for listening to me inebriated ass for 40+ minutes last night.

Drank the awesome tea you left here; it was wonderful. Girls liked it, too. Am working on the 15th...