Saturday, July 12, 2008


ok here is my second try at the headband thing.

I made this one a bit smaller in length and width. This one fits me better (size wise that is) I used Pink so that if I goofed it up i wouldnt be mad that i wasted fabric. SO looks like were going to have 3 sizes sm kids, medium (my size) and lg (for girls with really big heads or just lots o' hair). I also broke down an bought a sewing machine. Now dont get me wrong the 2 I have are great but I wanted something with a stitch so i dont have to hand applique a quilt I am making. SO i broke down and bought a Singer. Yes they are good machines however they are made in CHINA. Now I didnt open it for 5 days because I wanted to take it back. When loving boyfriend said, "Look at it this way....The stuff your going to make with that is made here which means people wont have to go to the store and buy the one that are made in China. So technically your screwing them even worse by using their own product against them." I love my boyfriend he has a way of giving me excuses to do things, sometimes even good things. So I opened it today made this and look at the fancy stitches. OOOHHHH AAAAHHHH. One more thing. I have reserved a booth at a local outside "festival" for 2 weekends in August where I hope to sell a bunch of these puppies. Only 20$ for each day. I blow 40 bucks on useless trinkets a month anyway. So back to my sewcave and I hope to have more pix up soon. Tell me what you think!

PS if there is a best friend who would like to come for a visit one of those weekends to help me I would love her forever and send her back with all the ones I didnt sell to put up on her upcoming Etsy store. Hint hint nudge nudge.

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Domesticrazy said...

She could also come help you with your booth and celebrate 10 years of trying not to puke on each other!

Just tell me when, lady friend. Only weekend I'm out is the 1st one in August...taking the kid to Idewild.