Thursday, July 31, 2008

Headband Hernia

Ok so I got a little burnt out today. Power and phones went out at work so I ended up working from home for half the day. Great for people that have air. Not so great if you don't. We have a window unit in the living room but it uses so much energy I just suffer through it and tell Mike that I turned it off once it cooled off outside. I do the bills anyway not like he's gonna know.
But I digress. I got bored with the headbands today. I have about 50 totally done about 25 each adult and kids. Done as in finished, completely, ready to go. So I thought I could either spend the rest of my time watching tv which I honestly havent done for about a week. Yeah maybe a 1/2 hour when he gets home but that doesnt count cuz Im half asleep anyway. Option 2 was read that damned book bestest friend lent me. Ive been doing that everynight and have about 1/4 of it done. Or Option 3 try something new.

Option 3 won. I figured because Little E made me such a special bag that I should return the favor. Plus I have been dying to try out this wristlet pattern I found. Now I couldnt find the right size zipper and all i had handy was one from a long forgotten something that I gave up on. So its a bit smaller than it normally would be but
I think she may like it.

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Domesticrazy said...

She's going to ADORE that!