Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The countdown begins

Friday I have to be at Garfield's home (not the cat the president) at 2:30 to start setting up for the festival. Mike and I threw together a display table with 2 sawhorses, 2 folding doors and some empty fabric bolts. Sounds redneck but I spent $40 on the damn tent. And it looks nice surprisingly enough. I stopped into our local discount store and found a board with little plastic letters that I can use as a sign and for prices.
I also am adding some wristlet's into the mix. All the fabric was free and I only spent like 20 cents per zipper so thats as close to pure profit I am ever gonna see.

The business cards should be here tomorrow so tomorrow night I will be putting tags on everything. Then I have to upload pix onto the store so that (hopefully) when I sell things they will go to the shop and buy more wonderful things. Then I have to get envelopes to mail them and figure out how to print shipping labels of my computer. Oh and did I mention that this Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday were supposed to be digging out around the house and installing drainage pipe. Yeah good luck with all that. I hear you. Thats all right because next weekend the bestest friend is coming and she will be going with me and hawking some of her fine jewelry as well.
In the meantime I was thinking it would be great to come back as a dog.
An Appalachian Love Hound that is......

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