Monday, June 22, 2009

karma sucks

Karma is a terrible thing.
Sat with mom at the quilt show was AMAZING. We had so much fun. Likely the most fun we have ever had together. This is my favorite. All the pictures are made up of hundreds if little pictures. The coolest part was the mirrored square. .
Second favorite was this one.
This won the best in show.
They had a really cool display from a group of guilds. It was a challenge from one of the Batik companies. They provided the blue fabric and the quilters were given the area on the hanging where the blue had to be (2in down from top 3 inches long on left 2 in up from bottom 5in on right) They made it so they all came together and formed a river. There is mom.
So for all the greatness Sat brought Sun balanced it out.
I wont get into details but the Inspector was an ass jack ass. I cried the whole way home and have pretty much thrown in the towel. He didnt bring a ladder to get up on the roof. He treated me like a girl when I had grown up manlike questions. He didnt check the things that he was supposed to and checked the things he didnt have to. So once I calmed down I emailed my realtor and explained the things that we found unacceptable with the home. #1 the gas dryer was directly over the sump pump. I wont list everything else or I may start crying again. So the whole thing is getting put on hold until I hear back from my realtor and the waterproofing guys. So I will just let the wave go and hold on some more.
End on a positive. More cool quilts.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Ok so its been a while.
I have been busy seriously.
I finally found a house.

Put the offer in 6/6 countered a couple times finalized the offer 6/13.
Went to through the financing ppwk on Tuesday. Going to have the Home inspection done Sunday morning. Monday if things go well at the inspection I am getting online to submit some stuff for the state. Tues have more ppwk to sign for Ohio for the financing. And from there it should just be a matter of time. Closing is set for 7/24/09. Again if all goes well at the inspection. I have some concerns about the basement. There was some prior waterproofing done. (lifetime gurantee) But there is a crack in the floor. Now to me it doesnt seem to be a deal breaker Mike thinks I am crazy to even be considering the house at all. I am torn. So I am waiting to see what the inspector says. I have to pay for it but I would rather spend 300$ to be told by a professional that there is an issue then blame Mike for the rest of my life for not getting the house. I carry grudges.
Its perfect. Nice kitchen. Big enough to make dinners and bake. I dont entertain so I dont need a big space. All new appliances, fridge, dishwasher and range. There is a neat half bath on the main level between the kitchen and the basement. Nice little dining room so I dont have to eat on the couch anymore. Nice size living room it has a fireplace but it doesnt work. Candles here I come. A huge front window to let in a ton of light. Upstairs has a retro full bath and 3 bedrooms. One is perfect for the bedroom and one of the others will likely be an "office" for when I can afford to get my own computer. The other would be a great guest room for when D-crazy and the fam come for visit. Full basement with washer dryer new furnace, ac and hot water tank. Windows and siding is new and a 2 car garage. 1300 square feet for under 100k.
The 8K from Obama plus a new program for the state that provides up to 3% for the downpayment is really going to give me options to help start the business.
Oh and did I mention I signed up for classes and am going back to school to try and finish my 3rd degree. Grrrrr. Got quotes for Homeowners insurance too. So I need a break.
Mom came back into town. Were going to a huge quilt show in Columbus tomorrow. Were going on a Charter bus that the local quilt shop organized. 40$ awesome deal. I am taking the camera so be prepared for pictures.
My back breaks needed replaced after 78k miles go figure. Did that last Saturday. Oh and I got the recliner of my dreams as well Saturday. A Lane rocker recliner that swivels and has some kind of fabric like leather. Not pleather though. 200$ seriously it was orig 800$. Love it. First piece of furniture that will go in the house.
So I will post more on Sunday. Send the good house Karma my way.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quilt part 2

So after much anticipation and extreme patience by D-crazy....

It still needs the border which will be the pale blue and the binding will be brown.
I was on a roll tonight and even started finishing my mom and dad's from last year. The one with all the "houses". Pix of that one tomorrow.