Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things have been busy

I will explain more later.
Until them reassurance that I am not the only one that feels that the US needs to start taking pride in itself again.
see you soon!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

For Tuesday

For all the hype here is my contribution..... video is pretty lame but the song is funny.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Ok you know its cold when your windshield wiper fluid doesnt squirt out because its frozen, the pump makes noise but no juice. You know its really cold when the pump that is supposed to squirt the blue juice doesnt work because its frozen (ie it doesnt make any noise at all).
Its f-ing arctic when you wake up at 8:30, the sun is out shining away and your thermometer reads:
Top # is outside temp. bottom is inside. I dont even want to think how cold it was at 2 in the morning when I woke up to pee.
At least it can be pretty

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More cold pix

Here you go little E

Yes you see that correctly. 4 will be the high on Friday. THE HIGH. Hey at least there is only a 20% chance of snow that day.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

spend spend spend

Ok I think I figured it out. I wasnt getting enough Milk. Or vitamin whatever. The past 2 days I drank a half gallon and its like im a completely different person. Come to think of it I didnt have any milk for like the week before x-mas. Problem solved.
Last night went to look for some new books etc. got a book, boycott china bumper sticker, cd and inscence plus a free book. Try this site if your into Buddhist stuff well worth it.
Then I went shopping for CHEESE. Where do you get the best cheese, from the Amish. Where do you find Amish. Southern Ohio. Where is the cheese?
Seriously dont knock it till youve tried it. I just like saying Heini. Heini heini. Want to touch the Heini? And its a cheese Chalet! Tell me that doesnt make you laugh your ass off and I will call you my mom.
Then I stopped buying things.
AHHHHHH feeling much better.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

On the upswing

So I went to my hairdresser today. I love her. I have known the mom and daughter team since I was 5ish. Started with the mom cutting my hair then when the daughter got her license I became her client. She's about my age and they are so good our entire family goes there and my mom and dad even come back home just to get their hair done. Nuff said. Here is the color I ended up with.
Picture doesnt do it justice.
Second, I am not fond of tea but I found one today by chance I absolutely love.
Good stuff sorry grandma have to get you another box this one is mine. MMMMM warm flavored water. Goes great with my book. Started on the third George RR Martin book tonight. After the haircut and the stop at the organic foods store (tea etc) Mike and I went out to lunch. Nice good turkey sandwich. And the place has hummus, and all that other good stuff like Aladdins but way cheaper. Think I may try their stuff next week sometime to see how it compares. If its anything like the sandwich and baclava I had I cant wait.
Last but not least. I needed a new wallet. Since I got flavored popcorn and a tin of gum instead of something I really needed for the holiday I decided to make one. Found a pattern online, thanks Kat, easy peasy and I now have a new Not made in China wallet of my very own. Thinking of putting some on the shop. We shall see.

Thats it for tonight kiddies. Time for a movie and some cake.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Out with the old

Since I cant get rid of Mike, I really cant bring myself to do it. I thought i would ring in the new year with a bit of a make over. Tomorrow I get a haircut and color. I gave up trying to grow it. That just isnt gonna work. My hair is way to fine and I have an ungirly aversion to "product" and any electrical item for styling purposes. Back to my old short spikey lesbian haircut. Mike said that was ok as long as its blonde. So I will likely come out looking like this.....
oh well compromise right?
Oh and my mom got me a massage for my birthday too. Finally maybe they can get this pain out of my ass.