Thursday, May 28, 2009

Post 101

So since this Blog is supposed to be about quiliting......

This is the bosses quilt. I also have some hefty goals to finish a couple other ones this weekend.

Oh and we got the kid a pool. I know its cheezy but she LOVES it.

And the pool was not made in China only 10$. Worth every penny. She digs in the water and tries to catch the reflections.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Mike found this and I had to share it. It made me smile.
Wait for it Axel does make an appearance.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Rated R

So I didnt get the job
Recruiter said I did great but they found other people that were a better fit for the job. AKA I am overqualified. Duh that was part of the reason I was trying to get the job.
I am really having a tough time with this. I know I should be EXTREMELY thankful that I have a job there are hundreds of thousands of people who wish they were in my shoes. My main beef is that I bust my butt and get nothing but a paycheck for it. Oh and some great benefits. So I took advantage of one of those benefits (being salary) and left work and came home. WHY am I so upset? I should be thankful. There are things that I love about my job that I would have really missed. I just wish I felt like what I do really mattered. That people appreciated the effort and time that I put in on a daily basis. I wish someone would say thank you for collecting over 420k last month. Why is it that you are only recognized when your not doing a good job? There are so many things that frustrate me about my job and I wish with all my heart that I could just let it go and not personalize and take it personally. I wish I DIDNT GIVE A FUCK. There is a reason for this. Whether I know it now or not there is a reason. Maybe its so I have a job that is secure enough to allow me to look for and purchase my own home. I have another appointment Wednesday. Maybe I just need to have my DR write me a RX for something else that has a little more effect on my negative attitude. I want to be positive I DO. I cant figure out why I cant be.
Seriously we have ONE shot at this. ONE no do overs at the end and I really hate to think that this is really all there is for me. I dont want this to be as good as it gets. I want to matter. To know what I feel and how I think and what I do means SOMETHING TO SOMEONE. If not why the fuck even bother?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hurry up and wait.

It has been a crazy week.
Mom and dad came in for Moms day and to celebrate Dad's new job.
For all you enviro fans he now works for a company that sells these pellets that you add to the mix when you make your plastic so that when you bury the plastic it COMPLETELY BIODEGRATES! Seriously.
Here is the link to the company.
That and Mike wound up in the ER Sunday night. Something to do with the riding lawn mower, a block holding the blade and slipping. All I heard was screaming and three stitches later we were home. Friday and Monday's interviews went great but now I am waiting to get a verdict which should have been in by Wednesday. Then I went to check out a couple more houses the other night worked one of the quilts last night and tonight waited for the Roadside assistance guy because Mikes tire went flat at work and they wont do work on your car unless someone is there. He would have changed the tire himself except for the nasty bite he got from the lawnmower.
So I am having my first drink in a couple weeks and it will involve Moonshine.
Oh and they just laid of 2% of the employees in our claims department. Totally unexpectedly. They normally take you and put you somewhere else but we dont have anywhere else to put them so alot were given packages and a thanks on their way out.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"the Company"

I landed an interview for that new position at "The Company".
Friday I meet with the hiring manager and monday w. the HR rep.
So I am taking that as a good sign.
Only bad thing is that we have to answer all the interview questions using a certain format. STAR Situation Task Action Result.
Q: So give me an example of a time when you were faced with an unexpected challenge and what was the outcome.
A: Well I am in this situation now where I really dont like the place where I am living (S). So I have decided to start looking for a new home (T). I contacted a realtor friend of mine and we have been looking at some houses over the past month or so. (A) I havent seemed to find anything that fits my budget that I really feel comfortable with (R) (and here is the kicker you always have to end positive) but I think that if I keep trying that I will find something just perfect for me.
Every question has to be answered that way or you get points knocked off. Plus if your too brief it hurts you and if you ramble on it hurts you too. So I have some practice questions and I am going to get this "study" for my interviews. GRRRRRR. If I didnt want out of my current job so bad I wouldnt be putting myself through this hell.
I did get to buy new shoes and a new shirt though. Both of which were made in CHINA so I am none too pleased about that fact either. I will let you know how it goes. Oh and no new news on the house front other than the fact that the owner of the last place offered to drop the price drastically if I wanted it. Tempting yes but Im not that desperate....yet.

Monday, May 4, 2009

This sucks

House hunting yesterday did not go so well.
I trust Mike. I believe that when he tells me something its for my own good, even if its not for his.
We went to check out the house and well there were some issues that were overlooked. I am not a handy person so I had no idea the insulation in the upstairs was inadequate or that the fact that the house had been waterproofed 2x (inside and out) was a sure tail sign. The garage that I thought Mr. Obama would buy me would cost more like 12k to dig up and replace due to the brand new driveway that you couldnt drive a heavy duty truck on.
Little things here and there added up to one big mess. So no deal.
At least I didnt blow 200.00 on the home inspection just to find out the same things
So I am going to just go with the flow. Fate has a funny way of setting things up for you. I have an interview on Friday and Monday. I posted for a Legal Assistant job which I will hopefully get. I need out of the clicky little shithole I am in now. Screw being salary, I am sick of being expected to do 4 peoples jobs and only getting paid for mine.
Come on fate.

Friday, May 1, 2009

I think we have a winner

Ok good news first. LOVE IT. Seriously, probably even more then the first one. It has everything I need and just enough weekend projects to let me make it my own.
Bad news I will need to eventually tear out the garage and rebuild one. Thank you Mr Obama for giving me the bonus 8k to do that.
I told Mike that he needs to see it this weekend (I promised I would have him check out anything I was seriously considering) and I told my Realtor to have the ppwk ready for me to sign when we show up again.
Its way smaller then Mikes house. But I think that is part of our problem there is too much space and it all needs something fixed. Here yeah its small but its ALL done. Plus piece of mind of a 1 Yr home warranty.

So this weekend should be interesting.
I will be sure to get some more pix and post them asap.