Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"the Company"

I landed an interview for that new position at "The Company".
Friday I meet with the hiring manager and monday w. the HR rep.
So I am taking that as a good sign.
Only bad thing is that we have to answer all the interview questions using a certain format. STAR Situation Task Action Result.
Q: So give me an example of a time when you were faced with an unexpected challenge and what was the outcome.
A: Well I am in this situation now where I really dont like the place where I am living (S). So I have decided to start looking for a new home (T). I contacted a realtor friend of mine and we have been looking at some houses over the past month or so. (A) I havent seemed to find anything that fits my budget that I really feel comfortable with (R) (and here is the kicker you always have to end positive) but I think that if I keep trying that I will find something just perfect for me.
Every question has to be answered that way or you get points knocked off. Plus if your too brief it hurts you and if you ramble on it hurts you too. So I have some practice questions and I am going to get this "study" for my interviews. GRRRRRR. If I didnt want out of my current job so bad I wouldnt be putting myself through this hell.
I did get to buy new shoes and a new shirt though. Both of which were made in CHINA so I am none too pleased about that fact either. I will let you know how it goes. Oh and no new news on the house front other than the fact that the owner of the last place offered to drop the price drastically if I wanted it. Tempting yes but Im not that desperate....yet.


Jackie said...

Don't over prepare...find that perfect balance. I recently applied for a promotion and had a 1 hour written assessment and a 2 hour role play assessment to get through. It was awful but I was glad I didn't prepare to the nth degree. I was actually more relaxed and that made a big difference. Good luck!

Beans said...

Thanks Jackie
I think the waiting is the hardest part now.