Monday, May 4, 2009

This sucks

House hunting yesterday did not go so well.
I trust Mike. I believe that when he tells me something its for my own good, even if its not for his.
We went to check out the house and well there were some issues that were overlooked. I am not a handy person so I had no idea the insulation in the upstairs was inadequate or that the fact that the house had been waterproofed 2x (inside and out) was a sure tail sign. The garage that I thought Mr. Obama would buy me would cost more like 12k to dig up and replace due to the brand new driveway that you couldnt drive a heavy duty truck on.
Little things here and there added up to one big mess. So no deal.
At least I didnt blow 200.00 on the home inspection just to find out the same things
So I am going to just go with the flow. Fate has a funny way of setting things up for you. I have an interview on Friday and Monday. I posted for a Legal Assistant job which I will hopefully get. I need out of the clicky little shithole I am in now. Screw being salary, I am sick of being expected to do 4 peoples jobs and only getting paid for mine.
Come on fate.

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