Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hurry up and wait.

It has been a crazy week.
Mom and dad came in for Moms day and to celebrate Dad's new job.
For all you enviro fans he now works for a company that sells these pellets that you add to the mix when you make your plastic so that when you bury the plastic it COMPLETELY BIODEGRATES! Seriously.
Here is the link to the company.
That and Mike wound up in the ER Sunday night. Something to do with the riding lawn mower, a block holding the blade and slipping. All I heard was screaming and three stitches later we were home. Friday and Monday's interviews went great but now I am waiting to get a verdict which should have been in by Wednesday. Then I went to check out a couple more houses the other night worked one of the quilts last night and tonight waited for the Roadside assistance guy because Mikes tire went flat at work and they wont do work on your car unless someone is there. He would have changed the tire himself except for the nasty bite he got from the lawnmower.
So I am having my first drink in a couple weeks and it will involve Moonshine.
Oh and they just laid of 2% of the employees in our claims department. Totally unexpectedly. They normally take you and put you somewhere else but we dont have anywhere else to put them so alot were given packages and a thanks on their way out.

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