Wednesday, December 31, 2008

my wonderful new years eve

mike is out at walmart looking for hotwheels
I opened the first bottle of wine when he left and turned on Machines of Malice on the Discovery channel. Let the games begin.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Was that uneventful

So back to work tomorrow.
Still think Christmas sucked this year. My parents and grandmother honored my wishes to not buy me anything made in China. The only exception I made was for my vinyl to CD converter box thingy. Like they would make that anywhere but China. My sweet grandmother even complained to me that she found it very difficult. However Mikes family bought almost everything from China.
Some Chia herb garden that will likely get regifted to D-crazy. Some Beatles book that will be taken back to half price books. grrrrrrr.
Why buy things just to buy something. I would rather have gotten cash. But his family doesnt believe in that method. They would rather buy some totally irrelevant thing just so we open something. Let me tell you how hard it is to get excited over a tin of gum. Yeah i said tin of gum.
I thought I would do something different with mike on Saturday so we went to an Ephemera Auction at our local auction house. BAD IDEA. Over 300$ later we walked out of there with more crap that we didnt need, want or will use. I cried on the way home. Great time but we wont be doing that again. Hey live and learn.
So the next fun thing coming up will be planning my trip to Yellowstone. I decided that is what I want to do for my big trip this year. With or without mike. Planning sometime Late august early September. Whenever is cheapest. I will let you know how that turns out.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Orders orders everywhere

The shop has been busy. Not as busy as most but a mad rush for us.
order 1 was for 4 headbands. then 1. then 1. then a custom bag. then 2 headbands.
Here is the custom bag that I made.and some of the fabrics.

The woman that ordered it solicited me at the post office. No dirty monkey, she asked about MY purse. So I gave her a card. She then stopped me again in the parking lot and gave me her card.
I made sure she went through the shop to order it so I was being safe. Last thing I wanted was a purse stalker. Then I found out that she wanted MY bag.
I told her that each bag was one of a kind and this was my first and I couldnt part with it. So I emailed her some different fabric combination's and she picked the one shown above. Hope she liked it.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Toys for Tots

The quilt shown above was raffled off on Sunday.
Tix were a dollar each or 6 for 5$.
The quilt raised $308.00 for Toys for Tots.
I also got some great free advertising and will likely end up with 4 more orders.
I went shopping too this weekend and realize that I really dont like consumerism.
I tried my hardest to buy handmade but a few things I just couldnt do on Etsy.
I did order my mom a new custom address book from enjibeck. She will love it.
I also found a really cool site for design your own photo albums. Inkubook is a great idea for wedding vacation family anything photos. And its not too pricey. Careful if you start playing with it you will get sucked in for hours. Trust me. Cool because you can invite anyone in to add to your own book. Made 2 batches of cookies and finished up 2 more quilts.
Found out I dont have to worry about Mike's son they arent coming until after the first of the year. So it may turn out to be a nice relaxing quiet holiday.
keep your fingers crossed

Thursday, December 11, 2008

2wks people

14 days
I have bought maybe 4 things. This is going to be a weird year. First time not having x_mas w/out the family, my family. No special cookies, no fancy dishes, no turkey etc. But I will have Mike and his family. Mmmmm yeah somehow I think its just not going to be the same. I am in a funk big time. Always happens this time of year, every year like clockwork. The less sun I get the less happy I am. I have been trying to distract myself with all these things Im making and up until yesterday it was working. Now I really dont give a shit if they get done or not. I refuse to go to the "mall" to buy anything this yearthats not my idea of a good way to spend my time or my money. I really dont have to buy anything for anyone anyway. No one will be here to get their gifts. I could send them sure but the whole idea is seeing the reaction. I havent made any cookies and that is my favorite thing to do. I have no desire to make such a big mess. The lights on the tree have been on maybe 3 times and were not even in the room when they are on. I guess Im just not in the mood this year to do anything. I dont really have anyone to do it with. So I am going back to my room to forget about this whole crummy holiday and the fact that I am turning 32 in January. Yeah that whole where do you want to be in 5 yrs idea totally backfired. Sure didnt think I would be here. Could be worse could be worse.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I just cant take a hint

So I am trying to finish up the quilts for xmas. I was having problems with one and God Bless America if I almost didnt rip it off the frame and burn it. The thread kept breaking and the tension was all wrong. 2 days before it was fine and I finished my aunt and uncles with no problem. But I put Mikes moms on it and the machine wanted none of it. Should I take this as a sign? So then I pin basted it on the frame took it off and was going to quilt it manually. The basting was all funky and there were puckers everywhere. Fine. So I figured I would just give up on it for tonight and finish the binding on the other one. No sir re bob. My other machine ate up the outside border and now I have to figure out a way to fix that. So I fixed myself a nice strong drink and now am going to watch the Hero;s episode I tvo'd from earlier.
good ol moonshine cant go wrong with that.
Oh if you can find it try the Pomegranite 7-up yummy. esp with moonshine and juice.

Friday, December 5, 2008

WTF friday

Not only has my week been full of fun and surprises but now its gone.
I have found that giving makes me happy. I have always thought of myself as a giver but I did something today that put me on cloud 9 all day and every time I think about it I smile. No not that you sick monkeys. Remember those 2 quilts I was doing for some people I work with. One was for a guy for his little girl for xmas I think she's 2? That was the bright fuzzy fabric. And one was for my boss's sister for her second little boy, coming end of this month the NFL Browns one. Well they were finished on my day off this Monday and delivered Tuesday. Smiles all around and even a couple Oh my god's. Then this postcard kick I have been on generated a couple orders for some other people I work with. Those were done this week too. So I had about 100.00 in my hot little hands. I took some time to think about what to do with this new found wealth. More crafty stuff, hell no I have way too much as it is. Gift for moi, nah there really isn't anything I want. Then as I was laying in bed the other night the dog at my feet and the cat on my chest it occurred to me. I chose to donate it to our local humane society. Awesome thing is that the co I work for, albiet a major pain in my ass, does have some really nice perks. One of which is a matching program for charities. Just so happened that the rep for the dept was at my building this morning. So I went down and they will be matching my donation at 100%. So all those little doggies and kitties that dont have families for the holidays will hopefully be a little warmer this holiday and hopefully I saved some furry lives. That is what the holidays are about. I swear I felt my heart grow three sizes when I dropped the envelope in the mail today. So I hope that in some way you all out there are able to give to those that are less fortunate this year. However you feel is best. There are alot of people and organizations out there now that can really use it. And it will make you feel like a hundred bucks, make that two hundred bucks.