Monday, December 8, 2008

I just cant take a hint

So I am trying to finish up the quilts for xmas. I was having problems with one and God Bless America if I almost didnt rip it off the frame and burn it. The thread kept breaking and the tension was all wrong. 2 days before it was fine and I finished my aunt and uncles with no problem. But I put Mikes moms on it and the machine wanted none of it. Should I take this as a sign? So then I pin basted it on the frame took it off and was going to quilt it manually. The basting was all funky and there were puckers everywhere. Fine. So I figured I would just give up on it for tonight and finish the binding on the other one. No sir re bob. My other machine ate up the outside border and now I have to figure out a way to fix that. So I fixed myself a nice strong drink and now am going to watch the Hero;s episode I tvo'd from earlier.
good ol moonshine cant go wrong with that.
Oh if you can find it try the Pomegranite 7-up yummy. esp with moonshine and juice.

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Renee said...

sometimes we just have to walk away. i have a few of those projects right now. lol. luckily i'm under no time restraint. hopefully you can pull it off in time. hang in there.