Monday, December 15, 2008

Toys for Tots

The quilt shown above was raffled off on Sunday.
Tix were a dollar each or 6 for 5$.
The quilt raised $308.00 for Toys for Tots.
I also got some great free advertising and will likely end up with 4 more orders.
I went shopping too this weekend and realize that I really dont like consumerism.
I tried my hardest to buy handmade but a few things I just couldnt do on Etsy.
I did order my mom a new custom address book from enjibeck. She will love it.
I also found a really cool site for design your own photo albums. Inkubook is a great idea for wedding vacation family anything photos. And its not too pricey. Careful if you start playing with it you will get sucked in for hours. Trust me. Cool because you can invite anyone in to add to your own book. Made 2 batches of cookies and finished up 2 more quilts.
Found out I dont have to worry about Mike's son they arent coming until after the first of the year. So it may turn out to be a nice relaxing quiet holiday.
keep your fingers crossed

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Domesticrazy said...

I'm too tired and preggers to get shit done. John has been told what he has to do. Wanna take bets on anything?