Monday, July 27, 2009


I am now officially a homeowner. Kindof feels like it did when I turned 21. One day I wasnt aloud to drink the next day I was. Moved some boxes over tonight. Will be moving the major stuff tomorrow. Shower sleep tomorrow is going to be a big day. I have the camera ready to go.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Swing your partner round and round

So into work today with the mindset that no close till monday.
Working away phone rings 11:30. Can you come in and sign the close papers. SURE. Be here in a half hr. Jump in the car race through Friday lunch traffic in construction zone. Pull into title co new location. They moved yesterday remember? Go in find out my payments are 100.00/m more then they were on my estimate. They misfigured the property taxes. Oh well. Sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign signyou get the idea. Ok great we will have the dox down to the courthouse by 4 so it will be final tonight and you should get your keys from your realtor. Call the realtor let her know everything is on track and I will meet her at the house at 4. YEAH. Go home load up my hatchback to near capacity. Go inside and wait til my movers are off work. Get up go to grab keys and purse to leave. Phone rings. Realtor says BANK DIDNT DEPOSIT MONEY!!!!! NO KEYS!!! Appears the seller has spooked and thinks that there is a problem with the loan so i cant even move stuff in even if I needed too. Good thing I called the mattress guys to reschedule. SO call my movers tell them no go oh and sorry such late notice. OK we'll meet up for dinner anyway. Sit and work some because I left the office at 11:30 3 hrs after i walked in the door. Thank god I am salary. Unload car. Sit at computer and bitch. Which is where I am now.
Mike and I both took Tues off so that way we can move most stuff that day, mattress comes on Wed morning and DMB concert Wed night. My luck it will be a monsoon on Wednesday night.
Positive attitude though. Almost feels like an out of body experience. Erily calm...............

Thursday, July 23, 2009

No one mentioned this possibility

So I go to work today thinking like its Friday.
Tomorrow is closing. No big deal that I didnt have the closing check in hand from my bank.
I was confident it would come in the mail today. So I went to work hoping for the call from the title co to set the time and place to close. Had a meeting 10:30-11:30 no message. Lunch from 12-1 no message. Couple emails to my realtor. No response. By 3:00 I was getting nervous. I called my mortgage guy who told me that there had been a "glitch" at the bank. The paperwork had not made it from the bank to the title co. But he reassured me that the bank had emailed the dox to the title co and we shouldnt have a problem closing tomorrow. Then the realtor called. The title co is moving and they are shutting off the phones an hr early. grrr. Still I remain amazingly calm. For those of you that know me you would think I would have lost it weeks ago. So nothing from the title co. BUT the check came YEAH. As well as the comforter set and shower curtain. Realtor said there is a 50/50 chance I will still close tomorrow. So I rescheduled the mattress delivery to Wed. rather then Saturday just in case. Everything has been switched over effective tomorrow but no big deal not like the seller is going over and going to turn the house into a freezer. I figure something worth having is worth waiting for and its not like its not going to happen. It still may. Hope so because the "movers" are set for tomorrow night. If not Mike's dad has a van we can use. So I am going into work tomorrow hoping that I will hear something. If not I get 2 days off next week.

Monday, July 20, 2009

4 days left

So this weekend I went on a massive (for me) spending spree.
bedding set from (thanks holly) Mattress and box spring from local store, hit Target for towels and shower curtain rod, for shower curtain and dishes, Lowes for a tool set and fire extinguisher, Home depot garbage can and How to book, Ollies (discount store) bath mat and some non essentials. So I am supposed to close on Friday. God willing. Waiting to hear from the title company to set up the time and place. Mattress to be delivered Sat. Moving the bigger stuff with the help of 2 friends from work and a horse trailer on Friday after I get the keys.
Once moved I was told dinner at the local Italian restaurant was in order complete w. BYOB.
I am all packed except for clothes, shoes and jackets. All of which can be crammed into my little hatchback.
Its supposed to rain but thats my luck. I may not be able to post much but when I get settled I should have some pix up.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Check one two

Address change form with post office. check
Change car insurance. check
Get homeowners insurance. check
Get water, gas and electric set up. check
Start packing. check
Get help for moving what few bigger things I have. check
Am I missing anything?? my sanity maybe.
Closing is still on for the 24th, next friday.
I talked to my realtor and I wont be getting the keys until after 4 that day. Something to do with the courthouse. So I may end up signing going shopping for some essentials and then moving some boxes that night.
Since I am doing this on my own I will be roughing it for a few months until I can see how the budget I worked out goes. No cable or internet. No bed hopefully the air mattress will be somewhat comfortable.
I took my dad out to see the house and he was very pleased. I think maybe even a bit proud. It was hard doing this all on my own but I did it me by myself. So if it goes well great if not only me to blame. Mike has taken the whole thing very well. For a while there I was really scared. I am going to spend most of my time finishing up all those projects that have never gotten done so that should last me till the first of the year. Plus the little (and hopefully not too many big) things that come with a house. I would really like to paint but what is there now is great and really doesnt need changed. I am on the lookout for great bargains for house things. Towels, linens, drapes, furniture, art etc. There are some things on Etsy I have my eye on but any recommendations anyone out there has would be helpful too.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So after much MUCH MUCH thought I have taken the next step and have decided to buy the house. I am just waiting for the ok from the financing and closing is set for 7/24. What changed my mind from the way I was feeling before. Last Sat we went out to look at the area "under the stairs" one more time. The owner was there neither I or my realtor realized he would be there. It was a blessing in disguise. He took me all over the house. From the issues I had with the basement to the issue I had with the attic and EVERYTHING in between. I thought it would be a 15 min visit tops. 1hr and 15 min later I was convinced that I was making the right decision. Nothing is going to be perfect. I cant afford new either. I think this is the best that I could hope for and I am so happy and excited I think I have gone numb. Is this what adulthood feels like?
I am going to miss my life as it is now but this will help me achive my dreams on my terms.
Mike and I will be staying together and were going to see how things go. I hope we can. I REALLY DO. Only time will tell.
So now its list making and packing.

Monday, June 22, 2009

karma sucks

Karma is a terrible thing.
Sat with mom at the quilt show was AMAZING. We had so much fun. Likely the most fun we have ever had together. This is my favorite. All the pictures are made up of hundreds if little pictures. The coolest part was the mirrored square. .
Second favorite was this one.
This won the best in show.
They had a really cool display from a group of guilds. It was a challenge from one of the Batik companies. They provided the blue fabric and the quilters were given the area on the hanging where the blue had to be (2in down from top 3 inches long on left 2 in up from bottom 5in on right) They made it so they all came together and formed a river. There is mom.
So for all the greatness Sat brought Sun balanced it out.
I wont get into details but the Inspector was an ass jack ass. I cried the whole way home and have pretty much thrown in the towel. He didnt bring a ladder to get up on the roof. He treated me like a girl when I had grown up manlike questions. He didnt check the things that he was supposed to and checked the things he didnt have to. So once I calmed down I emailed my realtor and explained the things that we found unacceptable with the home. #1 the gas dryer was directly over the sump pump. I wont list everything else or I may start crying again. So the whole thing is getting put on hold until I hear back from my realtor and the waterproofing guys. So I will just let the wave go and hold on some more.
End on a positive. More cool quilts.