Friday, July 24, 2009

Swing your partner round and round

So into work today with the mindset that no close till monday.
Working away phone rings 11:30. Can you come in and sign the close papers. SURE. Be here in a half hr. Jump in the car race through Friday lunch traffic in construction zone. Pull into title co new location. They moved yesterday remember? Go in find out my payments are 100.00/m more then they were on my estimate. They misfigured the property taxes. Oh well. Sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign signyou get the idea. Ok great we will have the dox down to the courthouse by 4 so it will be final tonight and you should get your keys from your realtor. Call the realtor let her know everything is on track and I will meet her at the house at 4. YEAH. Go home load up my hatchback to near capacity. Go inside and wait til my movers are off work. Get up go to grab keys and purse to leave. Phone rings. Realtor says BANK DIDNT DEPOSIT MONEY!!!!! NO KEYS!!! Appears the seller has spooked and thinks that there is a problem with the loan so i cant even move stuff in even if I needed too. Good thing I called the mattress guys to reschedule. SO call my movers tell them no go oh and sorry such late notice. OK we'll meet up for dinner anyway. Sit and work some because I left the office at 11:30 3 hrs after i walked in the door. Thank god I am salary. Unload car. Sit at computer and bitch. Which is where I am now.
Mike and I both took Tues off so that way we can move most stuff that day, mattress comes on Wed morning and DMB concert Wed night. My luck it will be a monsoon on Wednesday night.
Positive attitude though. Almost feels like an out of body experience. Erily calm...............

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