Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Once more for the people in the back

Going to see another house tomorrow.
This one has potential as well.
4br/2bath 1200sq ft
4 car garage w. workshop
Harwood Floors, new paint, fenced yard, all appliances, newer furnace and central air
one yr home warranty
Likely will need roof because they didnt mention it and maybe new windows. But it doesnt look that bad from the pix.
We will know more tomorrow.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"The One"

So I was talking to a coworker today and she asked what house hunting was like. I thought for a moment and said, "It has to be like trying to find the right wedding dress." Not that I have ever tried on dresses but I am hooked on this show called Say Yes to the Dress. I know pathetic but it as close to the real thing Im ever gonna get.
So you like certain things about certain houses (look through all the current issues of Bride) you go into battle with an idea of what you want 3 bedrooms 2 baths all appliances, central air, garage (A-line strapless lace and a long trian). Eventually you hopefully find "The One" and your supposed to know it the instant you tried it on.
Well one big difference is that the dress doesnt have to pass the "inspection" well I guess if you bring any friends to your try ons that could count. And when its all done you end up signing your life away. The deed and the marriage license.
Looked at one today out of my price range but nice. Maybe. The one tomorrow is a bust. Funny how realistic they can make MOBILE HOMES today.

Seriously. I had to pull the auditor's records to find it out. DAMN THEM!!
So I am going to keep trying and in the meantime not take for granted what I already have.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

There is always a catch

So that water issue that I thought may be an issue is an issue.
We pulled the city inspection report and the house has a couple violations. 2 were minor 1 was completely waterproofing the basement. SO since I am getting an FHA loan no way that would have flown and there was already a pending contract on the place so no chance they were going to fix it.
No worries onto plan B. Looking at one nice one right where I grew up on Friday. Drove by it this afternoon not too shabby. Then another one near work thats a bit out of my price range tomorrow after work. There is also a condo a street over that may have potential but the association fees are a killer.
I will keep you all in the loop.
Off to finally finish the bosses quilt only the top. Its "due" Friday.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our house in the middle of our street

Ok so we went to see 18 houses on Saturday. 10:00-6ish.
I found one. One that I reallllly loved. A few maybe's but since I dont have a deadline to be out I am holding out for "the one" kindof like the search for "the right" wedding dress only bigger and more expensive.
Above are a couple pix. It has a cedar linen closet. OMMMMMMMMG
There is one thing that worries me its all sounding too good to be true.
Plus there is this

Now for those of you who havent a clue as to what that is let me explain. Its a coal shute. This house was actually built in 1949 when the main form of heat in my part of town was coal. Dont know where the water is coming from but that isnt good and I have no idea if it would even pass inspection. Were working on getting a copy of the inspection from the city.
Details 3 bedrooms 2 full baths over 1200 square ft. Central air oh and EVERYTHING IS DONE AND NEW!!!!!.
So I am officially in lurv with this house. If its meant to be it will happen if not I will be really pissed. Oh and only 100k baby. Orig listed for 140k which again makes me think there is some unknown demon hiding somewhere. We shall see.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just one more reason

I took Kiah out to go to the bathroom. I just got done with a nice relaxing hot shower.
Mikes mom and dad were just pulling in next door so we went over for a visit. They said hello and then suggested I let her run around in their fenced in back yard. Oh did I mention the last few days we had some rain and it was just a titch muddy. No big deal. Needless to say I just got done wrestling her into the tub stinky marsh mud and all. Giving her a bath of which she was NOT pleased and then for kicks let her air dry herself around the house. I think I f'd up my back in the process of the bath and had to wipe down the walls in the bathroom to get all the mud off. So much for the nice shower.
House tomorrow I will find a house so help me god.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

House hunting Blitzkrieg

So I got an email from my Realtor today. 20 houses on Saturday. 20. I meet her at 10 and she said we wouldnt be done until 4:30ish. Oh joy. Its going to be warm and sunny out too so keep your fingers crossed. I am taking the camera too so I may need your input on Sunday. Wish me luck.
Oh and Mikes new idea is to quit his job, move to South Carolina and start a auto parts business with his Hot Wheels buddy. Um good luck with that. He's considering all his options.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sorry mini hiatus should be done

So the holiday is over fun family and food. NO wine which was a bit of a disappointment. I have made a decision to start looking for my own place. Not that I dont LOVE my man I just need to fulfill my dreams and I really dont see that happening in the position I am in now. If loosing Morgan taught me anything it is that life is too short to put all your hopes and dreams on someone else. I dont have the time to wait any longer for a home. (note i did not say house) So I went out got pre approved for a loan called up a Realtor friend of mine and away I went. Mike wasnt too pleased but I told him that it wasnt that I didnt love him anymore I just loved myself more. Looked at a couple forclosures so far and needless to say you have to be really pissed or desperate to take a furnace from you own home with you when you get kicked out. Oh and the kitchen sink. Seriously everything including fixtures were gone in the one condo I looked at. SERIOUSLY THE FURNACE!
So Realtor and I have arrange to spend Saturday trying to find me a new pad. Nice thing is I have somewhere to stay. I am not going anywhere unless I find something that really suits and fits me. ME. Bad thing is that I really dont have alot to take with me so I need appliances to be incl in the home aka higher price. Along with the fact that if (and when) I do find a place I have no furniture. So I will need things like a bed, dresser couch etc. Salvation Army here I come. I have lived in some pretty crappy places ask D-crazy about the efficiency apt I lived in while in college. Homeless people would not have lived there. Plus anything I pick will likely be better then where I am now as far as being finished. Granted it may not be as big but everything in it will be mine and will be there for a reason and have a use. nuff said. So we shall see what Saturday has in store for me and I will let you know.