Monday, April 20, 2009

Our house in the middle of our street

Ok so we went to see 18 houses on Saturday. 10:00-6ish.
I found one. One that I reallllly loved. A few maybe's but since I dont have a deadline to be out I am holding out for "the one" kindof like the search for "the right" wedding dress only bigger and more expensive.
Above are a couple pix. It has a cedar linen closet. OMMMMMMMMG
There is one thing that worries me its all sounding too good to be true.
Plus there is this

Now for those of you who havent a clue as to what that is let me explain. Its a coal shute. This house was actually built in 1949 when the main form of heat in my part of town was coal. Dont know where the water is coming from but that isnt good and I have no idea if it would even pass inspection. Were working on getting a copy of the inspection from the city.
Details 3 bedrooms 2 full baths over 1200 square ft. Central air oh and EVERYTHING IS DONE AND NEW!!!!!.
So I am officially in lurv with this house. If its meant to be it will happen if not I will be really pissed. Oh and only 100k baby. Orig listed for 140k which again makes me think there is some unknown demon hiding somewhere. We shall see.

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HollyLynne said...

OH WOW! Look at that deck! And what a huge yard! Its so clean inside too . . . good luck! We've been seeing prices plummet out here too . . . 30% is a lot but it happens! Especially if it has been on the market for a while.