Wednesday, April 22, 2009

There is always a catch

So that water issue that I thought may be an issue is an issue.
We pulled the city inspection report and the house has a couple violations. 2 were minor 1 was completely waterproofing the basement. SO since I am getting an FHA loan no way that would have flown and there was already a pending contract on the place so no chance they were going to fix it.
No worries onto plan B. Looking at one nice one right where I grew up on Friday. Drove by it this afternoon not too shabby. Then another one near work thats a bit out of my price range tomorrow after work. There is also a condo a street over that may have potential but the association fees are a killer.
I will keep you all in the loop.
Off to finally finish the bosses quilt only the top. Its "due" Friday.

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Domesticrazy said...

Good luck getting the quilt finished! I hope you find the right place soon. House hunting can be fun, but also a pain.

Good word today: blorehol!