Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not much

Its rainy and cold.
got another top done a t-shirt quilt for mikes dad.
mom and dad finally got a bid on the house.
more later with pix

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Projects ohhh ahhh

Here were the orders I made for my boss's boss.

I made them both from pictures of things she found on the internet. Don't know why she didn't just buy them there BUT that's not the point. The point is she came to me to ask me to make them for her. I charged her more than what they were listed for online and she didn't even blink. Part of me thinks she really appreciates my work and wanted something made by me. But this is my BOSS"S BOSS here. This is also the person who BRAGGED that she went to ALDI's for the first time with her husband and didnt get the idea that you had to pay for your cart. You get the quarter back when you return the cart. Well it at least gave me the opportunity to make my first mantle scarf and a cute little decorative pillow.

I have an idea to make some scarf's for the holidays with gift boxes or something rather than the pumkins. Thier cool because the pumpkins make little pockets that you can put candy in. Now tomorrow Im off to D-crazy's for some good old fashioned family time.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Halloween is coming got your costumes?

So want to do this to go to work. We actually get to dress up and decorate.
More cool costume links to come!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Some really cool news

I finally got around to purchasing some showcase spots on Etsy. The Dragon bag ran yesterday and got a ton of hits, Friday is Jewelry and Sat is headbands. We got our second order I am pretty excited about that. AND we were selected to be included in our first Treasury page. The item included has gotten a few more views as well. I ordered some more biz cards so we have them for this weekend. Hopefully we can get out and post some flyers around too. I left work early im not feeling all that right. Didnt sleep right and its just too damn nice outside to be sitting in a cube. So off i go outside to read.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ok just hear me out

I found out yesterday that Ralph Nader made it on the ballot in Ohio. I went over to the web page to see what he had to say about the issues. http://www.votenader.org/issues/
Now I know what your going to say, I heard it last time. I just don't want to hear it. To be honest the last time I voted was for Nader when he ran in 2000. I was in college and I remember I made my environmental policy professor cry. Not from happiness, no she was dissapointed that I was going to be one of the ones that cost Gore the Presidency. I told her no your going to be one of the people that cost Nader the presidency. She shut up after that. So if your interested in finding out about what one of our candidates has to say check it out. If your satisfied with the other two choices good for you. My opinion is that the Presidential elections as they played out this year, remind me eerily of the School president elections in High school. Its all about who has the coolest posters and who has the most friends. Do you ever remember voting for your class president based on what they were going to do to improve your schools? I didn't think so. The only difference between the high school election and the presidential election is that now we focus on who has the coolest glasses and what or who is wearing lipstick. Deja vu?
Obviously I know he's not going to win, duh. But the point is that this guy stands for what I believe in more than any other candidate out there. I personally think he also has more experience than either one too. Plus I think its cool that at one point he pissed GM (thats General Motors) off enough that they had a hit out on him. Special interests? I think not.
Ok Im done but I guarantee you I will be the only one on our street with a Nader/Gonzalez sign in my yard this year, and I will be proud of it. I wouldn't have voted otherwise, seriously.

Friday, September 19, 2008


If your reading this you need to check out the Etsy shop.... see link to lower right. Moiraandalice.
GO NOW! Well just get there and take a look!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I got my package....

Woooohooo. New shoes. This must be how the rich people feel all the time. Here take a look at my booty no not that one my other one. Well thats just going to have to wait. All the batteries are dead for the camera, and I cant find the charger. At least I have power, D-crazy is out and they dont expect it back on until end of the week. Stupid Ohio and its crazy ass weather. Let me go dig for some batteries.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Apples, carmel and cheesecake oh my

I forgot to mention I baked this today
With help from Mike of course.
Oh my there has to be a place for Paula Dean in heaven if not for sure in hell. BUTTER.

Im back

I forgot how much I really loved my hobby.
Locking myself in my room, turning on the music and just losing myself in the fabric and sound of the sewing machine. I missed the creative outlet. Yeah headbands are fun but come on, they're headbands. This is what I'm talking about....

I got Kathy's quilt done(the top) I still have to quilt it but its smaller so it wont take long.
This is a picture of the boarder fabric....

The quilt was actually a class I took on paper piecing. I wanted to learn the right way to do something instead of teaching myself. Instead of paper piecing we had to buy this preprinted muslin and use that. I guess its the same thing but I am not taking a class at that shop again.

So next on the list is finishing Mom and Dads....a block of the month called Garden Friends. I have 2 of 6 blocks done and everything is cut out, so just piecing.
Mikes Dads for the car club... a t-shirt quilt made from a bunch of car cruise t-shirts. I think they are going to raffle it off for something but who knows with those boys.
Bestests friends is on the list. Fabric: City Girl in blue Pattern: Spiderweb (unless I find another one)
I just got hit up to do another baby quilt for my boss. I made her a baseball one for her first Nephew and now there is another one coming 12/31 and it will be football.
Then I get to quilt them all. Thank goodness, I thought I was behind.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Say it with me Thank God Its Friday

Ok so its friday I had my yummy dinner, baked potato and boca burger followed by ice cream sundae. Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist at 8:30 am. I chose the time for this appointment. Was I completely out of my mind? likely yes.
I got some kick ass fingerless gloves on etsy and ordered a custom matching hat.

Ordered my new shoes not made in china but in Germany with a couple tops from http://www.sierratradingpost.com/ and spent 139.ish but saved like 200. I saved more than I spent. When does that ever happen? Oh I just checked they went up I only paid 52.00 for them.

Mike and I ordered tickets to RAIN, a Beatles esk thing he wants to go see

and now i am heading to my room to finish his mom;s quilt, really. I mean it this time.

Monday, September 8, 2008

As Promised.

Bestest friend commented the other day that when I get my shop she will be like a cat and bury herself in the fabrics. Strangest thing happened later that day....
and then...

So I took that as a good sign and set out the quilt that I am making for Mike's mom for her birthday in October. This is up on our dining room table box. Its been in the box for 2yrs now waiting for my kitchen to get done and I finally have found a use for it.
The areas that are open are where the boarder fabric will go. Her living room is beach themed (ewwww) but I think this will go the colors at least. The boarders will be a cream fabric with beige starfish. Very subtle.
I should have it all together tonight. Maybe. Prey for me.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I absolutely positively beyond any shadow of a doubt HATE MY JOB

I know your not supposed to talk about your job on these things so all I am going to say is F my Fing F'd up JOB.
Going up to quilt, the only thing on earth right now that will be able to calm me the F down.
Love to all pix to come.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ok sorry about that little tantrum.
Its Thursday and I have gotten alot done. I will be going around town this weekend posting fliers to promote the shop. Coffee shops, library, senior center (do seniors use computers) whole foods and any other place I can think of that are reputable and have a community bulliten board.
I splurged tonight to celebrate our first sale (thanks hollylynn, there is a little something special in there too!). and got a large super veggi pizza. Veggies cheese and bread, life is good.
Like they say you always remember your first, and I cant thank you enough. I think were doing a little better every day. We have people that have marked us as a favorite and Alice's dragon bag and one necklace are favorites as well. The traffic will come and with it will be sales. I told my parents and they humored me, oh great job honey. Bite me! I am proud of myself damnit. This gives me more and more confidence that one day I will be able to have my own brick and mortar quilt shop. One day. In the meantime I am using this experience to learn all I can. I did go back to quilting Tuesday, i missed and my sewing machine must have been pissed at me for leaving her for the new multi stitch machine. She took 30 min to get up and going. But after that it was like old times. Now, I have 5 that need to be done by x-mas. But good thing is I have enough headbands made to keep the site updated. Therapy for dummy's just sew something.