Friday, September 12, 2008

Say it with me Thank God Its Friday

Ok so its friday I had my yummy dinner, baked potato and boca burger followed by ice cream sundae. Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist at 8:30 am. I chose the time for this appointment. Was I completely out of my mind? likely yes.
I got some kick ass fingerless gloves on etsy and ordered a custom matching hat.

Ordered my new shoes not made in china but in Germany with a couple tops from and spent 139.ish but saved like 200. I saved more than I spent. When does that ever happen? Oh I just checked they went up I only paid 52.00 for them.

Mike and I ordered tickets to RAIN, a Beatles esk thing he wants to go see

and now i am heading to my room to finish his mom;s quilt, really. I mean it this time.

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