Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ok just hear me out

I found out yesterday that Ralph Nader made it on the ballot in Ohio. I went over to the web page to see what he had to say about the issues.
Now I know what your going to say, I heard it last time. I just don't want to hear it. To be honest the last time I voted was for Nader when he ran in 2000. I was in college and I remember I made my environmental policy professor cry. Not from happiness, no she was dissapointed that I was going to be one of the ones that cost Gore the Presidency. I told her no your going to be one of the people that cost Nader the presidency. She shut up after that. So if your interested in finding out about what one of our candidates has to say check it out. If your satisfied with the other two choices good for you. My opinion is that the Presidential elections as they played out this year, remind me eerily of the School president elections in High school. Its all about who has the coolest posters and who has the most friends. Do you ever remember voting for your class president based on what they were going to do to improve your schools? I didn't think so. The only difference between the high school election and the presidential election is that now we focus on who has the coolest glasses and what or who is wearing lipstick. Deja vu?
Obviously I know he's not going to win, duh. But the point is that this guy stands for what I believe in more than any other candidate out there. I personally think he also has more experience than either one too. Plus I think its cool that at one point he pissed GM (thats General Motors) off enough that they had a hit out on him. Special interests? I think not.
Ok Im done but I guarantee you I will be the only one on our street with a Nader/Gonzalez sign in my yard this year, and I will be proud of it. I wouldn't have voted otherwise, seriously.

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Domesticrazy said...

I'm just happy you're going to vote, my friend. And that you're voting for the candidate that you believe in!

Can't wait to see you this weekend....