Saturday, September 13, 2008

Im back

I forgot how much I really loved my hobby.
Locking myself in my room, turning on the music and just losing myself in the fabric and sound of the sewing machine. I missed the creative outlet. Yeah headbands are fun but come on, they're headbands. This is what I'm talking about....

I got Kathy's quilt done(the top) I still have to quilt it but its smaller so it wont take long.
This is a picture of the boarder fabric....

The quilt was actually a class I took on paper piecing. I wanted to learn the right way to do something instead of teaching myself. Instead of paper piecing we had to buy this preprinted muslin and use that. I guess its the same thing but I am not taking a class at that shop again.

So next on the list is finishing Mom and Dads....a block of the month called Garden Friends. I have 2 of 6 blocks done and everything is cut out, so just piecing.
Mikes Dads for the car club... a t-shirt quilt made from a bunch of car cruise t-shirts. I think they are going to raffle it off for something but who knows with those boys.
Bestests friends is on the list. Fabric: City Girl in blue Pattern: Spiderweb (unless I find another one)
I just got hit up to do another baby quilt for my boss. I made her a baseball one for her first Nephew and now there is another one coming 12/31 and it will be football.
Then I get to quilt them all. Thank goodness, I thought I was behind.

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