Saturday, December 20, 2008

Orders orders everywhere

The shop has been busy. Not as busy as most but a mad rush for us.
order 1 was for 4 headbands. then 1. then 1. then a custom bag. then 2 headbands.
Here is the custom bag that I made.and some of the fabrics.

The woman that ordered it solicited me at the post office. No dirty monkey, she asked about MY purse. So I gave her a card. She then stopped me again in the parking lot and gave me her card.
I made sure she went through the shop to order it so I was being safe. Last thing I wanted was a purse stalker. Then I found out that she wanted MY bag.
I told her that each bag was one of a kind and this was my first and I couldnt part with it. So I emailed her some different fabric combination's and she picked the one shown above. Hope she liked it.

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HollyLynne said...

congrats on all of your sales!!! Hooray for Etsy holiday success :D