Friday, May 1, 2009

I think we have a winner

Ok good news first. LOVE IT. Seriously, probably even more then the first one. It has everything I need and just enough weekend projects to let me make it my own.
Bad news I will need to eventually tear out the garage and rebuild one. Thank you Mr Obama for giving me the bonus 8k to do that.
I told Mike that he needs to see it this weekend (I promised I would have him check out anything I was seriously considering) and I told my Realtor to have the ppwk ready for me to sign when we show up again.
Its way smaller then Mikes house. But I think that is part of our problem there is too much space and it all needs something fixed. Here yeah its small but its ALL done. Plus piece of mind of a 1 Yr home warranty.

So this weekend should be interesting.
I will be sure to get some more pix and post them asap.

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