Friday, June 19, 2009


Ok so its been a while.
I have been busy seriously.
I finally found a house.

Put the offer in 6/6 countered a couple times finalized the offer 6/13.
Went to through the financing ppwk on Tuesday. Going to have the Home inspection done Sunday morning. Monday if things go well at the inspection I am getting online to submit some stuff for the state. Tues have more ppwk to sign for Ohio for the financing. And from there it should just be a matter of time. Closing is set for 7/24/09. Again if all goes well at the inspection. I have some concerns about the basement. There was some prior waterproofing done. (lifetime gurantee) But there is a crack in the floor. Now to me it doesnt seem to be a deal breaker Mike thinks I am crazy to even be considering the house at all. I am torn. So I am waiting to see what the inspector says. I have to pay for it but I would rather spend 300$ to be told by a professional that there is an issue then blame Mike for the rest of my life for not getting the house. I carry grudges.
Its perfect. Nice kitchen. Big enough to make dinners and bake. I dont entertain so I dont need a big space. All new appliances, fridge, dishwasher and range. There is a neat half bath on the main level between the kitchen and the basement. Nice little dining room so I dont have to eat on the couch anymore. Nice size living room it has a fireplace but it doesnt work. Candles here I come. A huge front window to let in a ton of light. Upstairs has a retro full bath and 3 bedrooms. One is perfect for the bedroom and one of the others will likely be an "office" for when I can afford to get my own computer. The other would be a great guest room for when D-crazy and the fam come for visit. Full basement with washer dryer new furnace, ac and hot water tank. Windows and siding is new and a 2 car garage. 1300 square feet for under 100k.
The 8K from Obama plus a new program for the state that provides up to 3% for the downpayment is really going to give me options to help start the business.
Oh and did I mention I signed up for classes and am going back to school to try and finish my 3rd degree. Grrrrr. Got quotes for Homeowners insurance too. So I need a break.
Mom came back into town. Were going to a huge quilt show in Columbus tomorrow. Were going on a Charter bus that the local quilt shop organized. 40$ awesome deal. I am taking the camera so be prepared for pictures.
My back breaks needed replaced after 78k miles go figure. Did that last Saturday. Oh and I got the recliner of my dreams as well Saturday. A Lane rocker recliner that swivels and has some kind of fabric like leather. Not pleather though. 200$ seriously it was orig 800$. Love it. First piece of furniture that will go in the house.
So I will post more on Sunday. Send the good house Karma my way.

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