Monday, August 11, 2008

Good news bad news

Ok so good news is that the "festival" went great. I forgot the camera so nothing to post but this week I will remember it. I sold 7 headbands and made enough to cover my booth rental for both Fridays aka $40. Not bad for a virgin. I made sure that I had a biz card attached to each one and for those customers that "didn't bring any cash" I made sure I gave them one as well and pushed them towards the shop. This week I hope to have some more made up to bring along. I am learning what sells is what the kiddies want. So I dug out some old Disney fabric scraps and made up some with that. Whatever doesnt sell this Friday will be up on Etsy a few a day until they are all done. No sales on the shop but I only have 8 bands listed and I am not expecting much until after this weekend.
OK so bad news is our back yard has officially become the headquarters of mudwrestling annonomus. No seriously. We created a mess to fix a mess. How does that make sence? But after about 1500$ were pretty done with the drainage around the house. And we were lucky enough to get rain on Sunday just to make sure we got to test it out. The only thing left is to level it all out in the back and get some seed so we can hopefully get grass in before winter but I'm not holding my breath on that one. I wonder if there is a market for frozen mud wrestling. Rednecks will try anything once. Trust me.
So that was the vacation/weekend.
I am really excited to see the bestest friend this weekend. She has all kinds of goodies that she is working on bags, bookmarks jewelry. I am so glad were doing this. We havent been this close since college and I really look forward to our monthly pow wows. I have some fun things planned including but not limited to....Indian restaurant, a visit to THE most awesomest soap etc place on earth ( maybe a picnik at the beach to look for some more sea glass and hmmmm well thats none of your business.

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Domesticrazy said...

WOO HOO! I can't wait, either. I was telling John last night about how this feels like college fun again, and how happy that has made me!

Called for treats, no response yet...

Will hold breath...