Monday, August 18, 2008

Whew That was fun.

hank goodness its over. Dont get me wrong I LOVED the festival and it was a great learning experience but I am really glad that now all I need to do is focus on the Etsy shop. Plus when BFF came into town we got some pix uploaded and we will be able to include the jewelry and a couple bags. All the sites say to post a little every day and you will get more hits. So I will be adding a necklace and bracelet every other day or so and one or two headbands a day. I have joined a couple webrings which hopefully will get our name and this blog out there and I joined Luna craft. So the next couple days will be learning how to use those to the best of my ability. Oh and I have to get some samples to my hair dresser so she can promote us as well.
The craft gods did bless me this weekend. At a previous local festival I happened upon an upholstry shop. I stopped and talked to the owner and showed him the bags I make out of old sample books. I gave him my name and # and asked the next time he was going to get rid of his books to give me a call and I would take them off his hands. He called last week and I went to pick up my goodies Saturday morning. HOLY CRAP 34 books, 30 f-ing 4.
So I feel that the gods are telling me to make bags. So since I have a plethera of headbands I figure a few bags wont hurt. But I am going to focus on building up the shop and getting that off the ground and do the bags when I get the time. Wish me luck.

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