Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Stand by your man is ringing in my ears. No I'm not that much of a redneck. My boy did something not so genius today. He left the freezer open. In 80 degree weather (we don't have air). For 5 hours.
So when I got home from work and stopping to get his groceries that he requested so nicely that I get, I was not so pleased. That my friends is when you know its love. On your knees cleaning up melted Popsicle from the bottom of the freezer. All the while thinking that if he just would have eaten the damn Popsicle when he MADE me buy them from the store 8 months ago we wouldnt be in this position. All I can say is thank GOD for perscription happy pills. Ok enough personal stuff no more venting. I am heading upstairs to the sew cave. Holy headbands batman!
PS I got my "booth assignment" in the mail. #31 just for grins i looked 31 up. Wikipedia had year 31 as the year jesus was crucified. (great) There are 31 letters in the Russian alphabet. It is a Mersenne Prime (look it up), and Gallium is the element with atomic number 31. Not to mention ITS 13 BACKWARDS!!!! That makes up for the 4 leaf clover I found the other day. ah vell


HollyLynne said...

We have like 4 boxes of popsicles in our freezer too . . . purchased by boy who DOES eat them but only occasionally. sorry about your freezer!!! and i'm sure you're going to do GREAT at that craft fair, numbers notwithstanding! your headbands are too cute not to sell!

Beans said...

Thanks man. I so do love the fact that I can create something that other people enjoy. I never thought it would make me so happy!!!