Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ok maybe this was a bad idea

Ok This is getting to be too much fun. I spent all day in my sew cave and have about 50 of the headbands cut out ready to sew. I have decided to make 2 sizes screw people with little heads. However I will be trying to figure out a generic child size. If anyone out there has a wee child measure their head and let me know. I think i could probably google it but this makes it more interactive. Not like anybody is reading this though. Anyway I have 50 more where these came from and more likely to be cut up this week. Nex weekend will be the sewing and hopefully my machine wont explode.

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Domesticrazy said...

These are looking great! I love the fancy stitches. You know, if you want to you could come down here for a weekend, too. We could sew, play with the Wii and Wee, and also make some bath bombs, etc for your booth. Plus, dude, treeeeets!

Also, lurve the new banner.