Friday, October 10, 2008

Old skool

So I said I found some old pix of some quilts I made way back when. And what better to do during the rain delay in Charlotte then post pix on my blog.
The pix are older so they may not be the greatest.
this was my very first quilt. I still have it. I did this when I lived in GA so maybe 7 yrs ago?

This one I made for Mikes grandfather. He was a Marine and his birthday falls on flag day.

Here is one I made for my brother for a present one year for christmas i think

Thats all for now. Rain stopped race is back on. I have my first filling tomorrow morning so that should be fun and then tomorrow night is quality time with Mike, aka watching the race together. And Suday were going to this Christmas in the woods thing. I will try to remember to take the picture machine.

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