Friday, October 24, 2008

The NERVE...

Just when I thought they were going to leave me alone to my personal devises. I get home today to find my Nader yard sign gone.
1st thought: Wind, but noone else lost their signs and we made sure to put it in like 3 inches.
2nd thought: Boyfriend may have moved it to mow the grass. Grass was not mowed.
3rd thought: Maybe it was the wind and I could find it. Nope. The wire part was gone too so it damn sure wasnt the wind.
Funny thing was that on the way down my street I saw numerous NEW signs for another candidate that had mysteriously popped up in people yards. Im not saying whose. So my first thought was to call the local news reporter that writes fluff pieces on people that are always getting screwed by someone else but he would think i was out of my mind.
Next idea order another sign. NOVEL idea at 5$ a piece they're a steal on the website. Shipping on the other hand was almost 11.00. 16$ for a sign was a bit outrageous. Wait I could order a bunch and put the whole mess of them in the yard that would show them. I did get an anniversary bonus at work for my 5 yr anniversary. Peter B would be so proud of me. I dont think Mike would go for that though.
Next, I did order a t-shirt along w. my sign and bumper sticker. I could make a SCARECROW!!!
There are a ton of leaves in the front yard. I could make it like a blood bath with other scarecrows representing the other candidates. HMMMMMMMM.
It just sucks thats all.
I really hope it was the wind.

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