Thursday, October 16, 2008

All alone

Now what kind of trouble can I get into.
Not much.
Barrett Jackson is on Speed tonight and if you always wondered what the big deal with old cars is this is the perfect introduction. Tonight tomorrow and saturday.
Tonight I designated as veg out night. Chipolte, diet Coke, and pierre's peanut butter cup ice cream. Tomorrow i am making a point to start D-crazy's quilt. Dont say anything but I already cut out some pieces and ooooohhhh its gonna be good. Only thing is she reads this so do I post the progress or do I keep it a surprise. What do you think?
I have been slacking w. the shop and I have some headbands that need finished. So those are on the list as well. We shall see what develops. I have planned a sleepover in the living room with the kids. We do this when "dad" leaves. Something about sleeping in the bed alone bothers me. It shouldnt as its the only time i get more than 12 inches to sleep on but im weird like that.


HollyLynne said...

hmmm . . . quilt progress . . . you could post photos elsewhere (like photobukcet) and link to them? that way they wouldn't be right on the front page.

Of course, you'd have to trust her not to click . . . ;)

but I'd like to at least hear of your progress! I have no idea how long it takes to make a quilt. Methinks its longer than my patience extends, so I'd like to do it vicariously through you!

Beans said...

Sounds like a plan. Hopefully she wont click maybe I will do a one that is not hers so if she does she will still be surprised. Than means I have to make 2 no we'll not do that. I like the photobucket idea though. hmmmm