Friday, October 3, 2008

This is my JOB....

There is a new Allstate commercial out. If you haven't seen it the ad shows a court room scene where the judge imposes a judgment on a young man (the defendant) in the amount of $100,000 after an auto collision. The defendant's attorney turns to the injured person's (plaintiff) attorney to explain that the defendant has only $50,000 in insurance. The plaintiff's attorney replies that the defendant has a college fund that can be used to pay the balance of the judgment, and concerned parents ask their attorney - "can they do that?" The defendants attorney replies that they can.
I am the one that hired the Plaintiffs atty in fact he works for me. The Plaintiff is usually just there to testify and is our insured. The defendants atty is hired by the other insurance co to defend their insured. YES we can do that and will if you don't have enough insurance. Trust me I do it almost every day.

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HollyLynne said...

UGH! That commercial makes me so mad. I know it isn't the way the insurance industry looks at it, but one (I think valid) way to look at it is that all drivers have to carry extra insurance to insure themselves against the fact that OTHER drivers buy really expensive cars.

Like where I live, for example, we're required to carry 30k in liability coverage for property (that might be universal, I don't know) but pretty much every car in my office parking lot is worth double that. So I have to pay more to up my limits to protect ME in the event that I hit one of THEM.

I just kinda think that either a) the minimum limits should be universally higher or b) people who can afford to drive Bentleys should suck it up and cover their own extraordinary, outside the realm of reason costs if someone in a hand-me-down Ford hits them. Its their risk driving the damn thing, not mine.

I'm sure people with Bentleys wholeheartedly disagree . . . but thats my two cents.

(Disclaimer: None of what I said applies to cases in which people are physically hurt. I'm just talking about damage to vehicles . . . cause lets face it, cars are gonna get dinged.)