Tuesday, October 14, 2008

frickin fruck feckin frak frickety F$%K

My awesome etsy hat that matched my awesome fingerless gloves. It was the coolest thing I ever had in a hat and I have had many and now its the size of a large beanie. I tried rewetting it and stretching it out but it keeps shrinking up again. WHY BECAUSE ITS WOOL. Hes alergic to wool and should not have been within 5 feet of the hat. Now its just one big heavy wet round tard when it used to be a hat. I convo'd the gal who made it in hopes she had more yarn to make me a new one. Pray for me.
Oh and he left the freezer open AGAIN last night before he came to bed. So it was open and running all night while we were up snug in our bed.
Sometimes I just want to kick the living shit out of him. He doesnt do stuff on purpose but i swear how many times must you tell some one to close the freezer door before they get it. Oh and the best part is, when I confronted him about the hat he mildly said "Well I guess the laundry is yours to do now" I DO IT ANYWAY!!!!!!AAAAGGGHHHH He is leaving town this weekend and I have plans to get a bunch of shit together and take a trip to the DUMP. Maybe that will teach him. Or next time ill just stick his head in the freezer and slam the door a couple times. Kindof like rubbing your dogs face in its poo so it wont go in the house. Maybe he will get that concept.

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Domesticrazy said...

HA HA HA!!! I love the freezer door/dog poop comparison.

Sorry to hear about your hat, though. That sucks. I'm impressed he's still alive, though. Good work! The laundry comment = certain death.

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