Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Grrrrrr part 2

I hate being a girl. The biggest reason is because I get all the crappy stuff, you know what Im talking about but I am never girly. I dont like shoe shopping or shopping in general. I HATE dresses and skirts unless they're hippie skirts. I like good smelling soap and candles thats about it.
Im only complaining because im dealing with some of the crappyness right now.
Good news mom and dads squares are put together they just need stitched.
I will take some photos I also decided that this will be the quilt I enter in this years quilt show. Last year was my first year and I made this....

Here are some of the squares for mom and dads:

and Mikes this one has been done for a while it just needs quilted....

I finally found some of the old pix of my earlier quilts so I will be posting those in the future.

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Domesticrazy said...


You are girly, just not in the usual sense. You are independently, uniquely girly. What you are NOT is cutesy and stupid. That makes all the difference.

I agree that you are not a girly girl, though. No "OMG! Shoes!" for you. No sir. "OMG! A (insert cool car that I know nothing about here)!" is more like it.

Which is why we love you!