Saturday, October 18, 2008

Special Announcement

One of the blogs I follow... Has accepted one of my submissions for the month of November. The theme for Nov is RECYCLED. I am featuring the wristlets I make from the old fabric samples I got from my local fabric reupholster'er
It will be posted on their blog 11/3 so check it out maybe I should make up some more to post just in case.
On to the trouble I have gotten into....
Monster cookies baked, chex mix, chili, veal scallopini and rice and wine for dinner tonight, an awesome barley casserole using barley and lipton soup mix, D-crazy's quilt is all cut out, vacuming, grocery shopping, fish tank and cat box. I even had time for a quick nap before I started dinner. Tomorrow Mike comes home so I will finish the laundry and that should be it. Maybe I should take a shower before he gets home. Yep that would be a really good idea.
It was cold last night so I had a fire in the fire place. Nice. toasty.

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