Saturday, October 18, 2008

D-crazy part 1

This is the fabric line I am using for D-crazy's quilt.

I saw the patterns and colors and thought of her immediately. Dont know why but I think they are earthy and thats why. Blue sky, green grass and brown dirt.
As far as the pattern. I cant find an exact example of it online but its called (appropriately) spiderweb. She picked it out of the greatest quilt book I have ever found. Its called Block Party by Marsha McCloskey. If your a quilter and dont have this book get it. Its well worth it for beginners and experienced quilters alike.
The only issue I am having is that I need another fabric for the corner setting blocks. I dont want to use any of the fabrics I used already so Im on a search for a dirty white or cream. The 4 large scale prints in the top row will be used for the backing.

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Domesticrazy said...

Congrats on the Whipup thing! And hooray! for making me a quilt! Thanks!

It sounds like you had a good weekend, I think I'm going to call you now.