Thursday, October 30, 2008

One more thing to add to the mix

I was thinking. No its ok really I'm fine thanks.
I saw these really cool Fabric Post Cards on Quilt Pixie's site and thought to myself. Self, yes. Why dont I try something like that? I dont know. They are small 4x6 and the creative possibilities are endless. I especially like the fact that I could make a whole bunch of different ones and send them out to my family as holiday cards. There is also a little girl I know who is having a birthday soon. So I think I will try her's first. She is one of my favorite guinnea pigs, she got my first wristlet too. That is the plan for this weekend. And if things go well I will be organizing a swap. So stay tuned.
I started quilting mom and dad's quilt. I decided to do the quilt method where you quilt one block at a time and then join all the parts together. It seems to work great for this example.
Sorry if the picture of the stippling is a bit off I am still tying to get the hang of this camera.
Oh and yesterday, before we went to see RAIN (more later) I got done piecing some of D-crazy's quilt. I am also taking pix as I go so when its done I will post it as a tutorial. I have 19 of these buggers running around my room now.
RAIN was AWESOME!! Even if you dont care about or for the Beatles one way or another It is one hell of a great time. Best part was When my Guitar gently Weeps. Wow. I'll be honest I cried when they did Imagine. Best 100$ I have spent in a mighty long time.
Mom is coming into town on Monday so I have to get some work done this weekend to show her and my Aunt. The sale of their house is final too. So good news and vibes all around. All the goodness had to be balanced out. At 6:00 pm est not more then .25 miles away John McCain stopped and made an "appearance" at Mentor High School. (so what if I am giving where I live away) I about rushed home and put on my Nader t-shirt and paid him a visit. But nope. I will be making my political statement at work tomorrow. Since it is Halloween I will wear the Nader t-shirt to work. Nuff said. I am taking bets on how long I will be there before they ask me to change or go home. Anyone?

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