Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Check one two

Address change form with post office. check
Change car insurance. check
Get homeowners insurance. check
Get water, gas and electric set up. check
Start packing. check
Get help for moving what few bigger things I have. check
Am I missing anything?? my sanity maybe.
Closing is still on for the 24th, next friday.
I talked to my realtor and I wont be getting the keys until after 4 that day. Something to do with the courthouse. So I may end up signing going shopping for some essentials and then moving some boxes that night.
Since I am doing this on my own I will be roughing it for a few months until I can see how the budget I worked out goes. No cable or internet. No bed hopefully the air mattress will be somewhat comfortable.
I took my dad out to see the house and he was very pleased. I think maybe even a bit proud. It was hard doing this all on my own but I did it me by myself. So if it goes well great if not only me to blame. Mike has taken the whole thing very well. For a while there I was really scared. I am going to spend most of my time finishing up all those projects that have never gotten done so that should last me till the first of the year. Plus the little (and hopefully not too many big) things that come with a house. I would really like to paint but what is there now is great and really doesnt need changed. I am on the lookout for great bargains for house things. Towels, linens, drapes, furniture, art etc. There are some things on Etsy I have my eye on but any recommendations anyone out there has would be helpful too.

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HollyLynne said...

Sounds like you are all set! I'm trying to remember if I did anything else when I moved into our condo . . . I called my credit cards and cell provider and whatnot and updated my address, but it looks like you're in very good shape! Just be prepared to be NERVOUS AS HELL when you sign those closing docs . . . it isn't an indication that you're making a bad decision or anything, it is just really freaking REAL and SCARY!

When we were decorating our condo I found a few great deals on furniture on Overstock.com (they ship EVERYTHING for $2,95, even huge pieces of furniture!). We mixed some basic, inexpensive Ikea pieces in with a few bigger ticket items and art and curios from our travels. It all looked great in the end. You'll have tons of fun decorating, I'm sure!