Monday, July 20, 2009

4 days left

So this weekend I went on a massive (for me) spending spree.
bedding set from (thanks holly) Mattress and box spring from local store, hit Target for towels and shower curtain rod, for shower curtain and dishes, Lowes for a tool set and fire extinguisher, Home depot garbage can and How to book, Ollies (discount store) bath mat and some non essentials. So I am supposed to close on Friday. God willing. Waiting to hear from the title company to set up the time and place. Mattress to be delivered Sat. Moving the bigger stuff with the help of 2 friends from work and a horse trailer on Friday after I get the keys.
Once moved I was told dinner at the local Italian restaurant was in order complete w. BYOB.
I am all packed except for clothes, shoes and jackets. All of which can be crammed into my little hatchback.
Its supposed to rain but thats my luck. I may not be able to post much but when I get settled I should have some pix up.


HollyLynne said...

Good luck!!!

It pissed rain on the day my boy had to move his nasty ass sectional out of our condo (and by "move" I mean it had to be eased out our sliding glass door and lowered off of our THIRD FLOOR BALCONY into the approx 10 feet of floor space directly in front of the POOL.)

Moral of the story, it all went fine :) Before you know it you'll be enjoying that Italian dinner!

Domesticrazy said...

I'm happy for you! Will call soon-been a tough ride but getting better.

Word: kiesses

Beans said...

kiesses: kiester kisses