Sunday, March 15, 2009

A time to laugh a time to cry

A little over a month ago we adopted a new puppy Kiah. We both thought it was time to "grow the family". Turns out the family may not grow as we thought. My older dog Morgan isnt doing to well. We thought she was just pissed off at the new pup. I took her to the vet because her gums had lost their color and she just wasnt herself. They did some blood tests and found she had anemia (low red blood cell count 20 normal was 37-55). So we tried to figure out what may have caused it. Normally anemia is just a sign of something bigger going on beneath the surface. So we took some x-rays. Her spleen was slightly enlarged but the vet thought that it wasnt anything to be worried about, it was likely due to her having to pump out more RBC's. So we thought it was likely IMHA a condition where her body saw the RBC's as foreign bodies and was destroying them. Not good but treatable. We but her on a immunosupprecent Prednisone and an antibiotic. She has been on that for about a week. We saw the side affects from the meds start on Wednesday but we havent seen any improvements in her physically. In fact she is getting worse. We will be taking her in on Monday to see what is going on. It appears that her spleen is getting further enlarged and I am afraid it may rupture. Her personality is gone and she has trouble getting up and down from the bed and other furniture. This is my first pet and overall I think I am dealing with it pretty well. But when Mike came down this morning well lets just say I really hadn't thought he was that concerned until now. I think I have only seen him cry once or twice before. It really hit me then.
I am going to see if she is suffering. I dont see that she is in pain but she has always been strong a fighter. I want to do everything I can to make her better. I have a good chunk of money in the bank and I am not afraid to use it. But I dont want to feel like I do now every day without knowing if its helping her. That sounds so selfish, but seeing her like this compared to how she "normally" is I dont see how she cant be suffering. Mike has lost 2 dogs and he said he doesnt want to go through the false hope issues again. The ups and downs of them getting better just to get even worse is terrible. I wish I could be sure that there was nothing else we could do then I wouldnt feel so bad. I know were doing everything we can right now. I hope tomorrow the vet will tell us that either this is a normal reaction and we can keep fighting or that there isn't anything more we can do.
I am prepared to ask if the vet can come to the house to put her down. I cant stand to do it at the vet. I talked to Mike and told him that if its an option I want to donate her body to science. So were "ready". He leaves on a week vacation next Saturday so were going to have to make the decision this week. One way or another this is probably not going to be a good week for me. Send me some good mojo ok?

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Domesticrazy said...

Call me if you need to, but I expect I'll be hearing from you this afternoon. John said to send his love, and you know you've got mine. We're sending good mojo as hard as we can.

Big hugs!