Sunday, March 8, 2009

Opinion Needed

I have a new idea for our Etsy shop.....
Button Fairy's
What do you think??

This one fits in a 6x9 bubble envelope. So its about 4.5 by 6 ish. I didnt measure them before I mailed them. I can do everything custom on these from the color of the "wings" and "tail" and I can also do other faces, button styles etc.
I like them and they are super easy to make.
If you like them how much should they go for??


Domesticrazy said...

No shit.

Those are gorgeous! How much are the materials used in making them? Are they decorative only? (I'd hate to see them ripped apart for the buttons!) Depends on how much it costs to make them, but, I'm just blathering here. Add 20% or so? Man, my brain is fried today...

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Beans said...

It just takes fake flowers, buttons, wire and the picture of the face and some cardstock for the back.
I got everything on sale at JA's and total cost say 12-15 for all 3 and I have leftover stuff. Wire flower petals and buttons. I checked on etsy and there isnt anything like them. Say 10 for the big ones and 5 for smaller ones?

Domesticrazy said...

That sounds perfect! I'll call tonight...solo mommy night = chocolate & phone!

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