Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It was so hard to go back to work today.
I had Friday and Monday off. I needed to recharge and D-crazy came up for a visit.
Great time reallllly great time. We talked alot. I needed that more then I realized. I dont have any friends other than her and its tough holding everything inside all the time. I let it all out and then some. So I felt better about everything. So when I walked into my cube back to work today I tried practicing what I preached. It was hard and it will take some time. All day I focused on myself and how I was feeling not worrying about what everyone else thought. When I got angry I growled to myself and just worked through it and then when done celebrated with a internal smile. I know sounds cheezy but I need to do it.
I still dont want to go back.
I want to sleep on the couch covered in blankets and my pup.
Why cant they pay me for that?

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Domesticrazy said...

Sounds like the best job ever! Thanks for letting me come up; I needed it too!

Today's word is too boring to type.