Thursday, November 6, 2008

One crazy week.

Mom came back into town on Monday, Aunt Sue came in from North Carolina. Mini holiday on Wednesday. My mom gave me 2 quilts she finished for me to quilt and bind. I love you mom.
While back I briefly mentioned fabric postcards. I joined a swap and they got things rolling this week as well. OH MY> They mentioned something about them being addictive. Not good for someone with my co dependent personality, I am very prone to becoming addicted.
Here are my first 2 try's, they aren't "finished" I need to quilt them a bit and put a back and border on them.
X-mas was pretty simple I cut 3 different fabrics and stuck them on the Peltex. Second one I went kind of crazy on. I need to find the middle of the two. Spent some time looking around and got some good ideas. We shall see how it goes. There is supposed to be 25 in the group. I thought they would make some kick but x-mas cards to the family too. Off to my room.

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