Monday, February 2, 2009

This is why I haven't been around

Her name is Kiah. She is 5M old.
Vet says she is German Shepherd mix.
Her nick name is Long Legs Malone.
see below for more info........

We got her from a local organization called PAWS. Shes a cover dog. If you scroll down and look under "foster homes" she is shown there with her sister. Her foster name was Thema and her sister was Louise. Mike has even started her a blog. Dont ask me why. Proud papa syndrome maybe.
She is great. Morgan isnt too bad with it just pouty. She wont play with her either. I think her hips are starting to bother her again. We need to get her back on the glucosamine she was on.
She was house broken, fixed and knew a few simple comands when we got her (no and down). I told Mike that if she was a human she would be Charlie Chaplin. She just has that type of innocense and simple personality.
What do you think she is a mix of?


Renee said...

she is so cute. i can't guess though what she may be mixed with. is she kind of speckled a little there on the front cause i've seen some type of coon dog i think with those markings. but she's as cute as a bug no matter what she is mixed with. enjoy her. take care.

Domesticrazy said...

She's a mix of awesome and brown. Very cute, and she does look like she fits right in.

I'd write more, but my brain is dying.

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